Analytics Tracking on Individual Products

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You can set individual analytics tracking on a per-product basis. These analytics can be used in conjunction with your database wide analytics data; and in cases of multiple analytics IDs all of the appropriate IDs are provided to the appropriate partner.

When a customer is viewing your Product, the IDs will begin tracking. The IDs will continue to track throughout the Checkout process and all the way to the Purchase Confirmation screen.

Getting Started

Read the analytics articles below for a conventional understanding of each type.

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Facebook Pixel Tracking

Adding Analytics to a Product

Login to your Administrative Console, navigate to Products, select your Product, and click on the Advanced tab. In the right hand column, you will see an Analytics section.

Input the Analytics ID and select the Type of Analytics.
Click the "Add" button.
You will now see it added. You can add more. When you are done, click on the "Save" button.

Analytics on Variation Products

You can add Tracking IDs on the Master and the Variations. When viewing the Master, just the Master's ID will be used. When viewing the Variation, both of the IDs will be used. Both of the IDs will also be used throughout Checkout.

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