Custom Calendars

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Configio allows you as an administrator to make as many calendars as you choose, including Product, Custom, Staff Unavailability, Virtual Meetings, and Blackout Dates Calendars.

When you go to Settings > Management > Calendar:


You will see the pre-seeded Product calendar that includes all calendar items from your Products:


Select the Title of Calendar Items in order to filter out which ones you want to see. (If visible on the calendar, the Item will be a solid color)
You can click each calendar item drop down in order to edit or delete the item.
Delete Calendar gets rid of all future and past dates/times as well as the calendar item itself.
Edit Calendar will display the Edit Calendar modal.


Admins can also create additional product and custom calendars. Simply click Add Calendar to start:
Custom Calendar types allow the administrator to create calendar items such as meetings, conference rooms, and more.
Product Schedule Calendars import calendar items from Products just as the Seeded Product Schedules calendar does.
Virtual Meeting Schedule creates a calendar which shows virtual meetings.
Staff Unavailability shows when staff are unavailable to assign to events.
Blackout indicates times when time block products shouldn't be created.


In the example above, you can see a Product Schedule calendar with a custom color filtered to a certain Category and Region, and showing additional information. You can show the Assigned Staff on the calendar item itself, as well as the Quantity Sold the Location of the calendar item and Highlight the Products with No Staff.
The resulting calendar appears as below:


Note that the calendar items in the Washington Region and Events Category with assigned staff appear in the dark red color. The events without any staff assigned are in the brighter of the two reds and do not have a staff name available. It also shows Sold 0/infinite reflecting that there are zero participants attending that date of the 30 Available. The Location is Provided at the bottom

To add a staff member, simply click the calendar date itself and then Staff:


Search for the staff member(s) you would like to assign and click Assign just as you would on the individual product calendar:


After closing the modals and refreshing the calendar, you will see the assigned staff person on the calendar item.
If a calendar item has more than one staff member assigned, it will show the staff member's names as seen below (boxed in blue):


In addition to Product Calendars, administrators can add custom calendars for custom appointments. The Morning Camps calendar is an example of this:


To add a new calendar item to this calendar, you can either click Add Appointment, or any date on the calendar. Either will result in the following modal:


As shown above, you can make the appointment appear on multiple calendars (in this case, just the Overnight Camps calendar is selected), set your start and end dates/times, even set Category, Region, Location, and recurrence (if it's a recurring event).

Note: Locations need to be marked as a Calendar type to be selected on a calendar item. Go to Settings > Locations, and edit each location you would like to have available for Custom Calendar items. Under Type, select Calendar.

You can also add attendees from your Admin Users, Staff and User Groups. If you want to email the attendees, check the Send Email box.

Note: There are two new emails necessary for emailing Attendees. Go to Settings > Email Messages and click Add New Email to create first the "Appointment Event Created" email that sends when you add an Attendee to a new Calendar Item; then Add the "Appointment Event Edited" email to send when a calendar item is edited.

You can also view a User Calendar to see each Admin User or Staff Member's schedule:


Multi-User allows you to overlay calendars for multiple users.

You can search for other users by staff, staff positions, users and user groups.
Pin the calendar to save it on this screen.
Staff assigned schedules and staff unavailability calendars are shown for selected staff members as well.


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