Customizing the Email Campaign Footer

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The Email Campaign Tool allows you to create marketing and other types of email messages and send them to your customers. By default, the footer of the email message has Configio's contact information. Use this guide to update it to your company's information.

Getting Started

Login to the Admin, and navigate to Settings->Configuration. Expand the Contact Information section. Turn ON the Configuration "Use Contact Information in footer of campaign Emails." Input your company's information in the following fields:

Company Name
Print Address 1
Print Address 2
Print City
Print Email
Print State
Print Zip
URL to the company logo

Note: While have tested logos up to the size of 256 x 256 pixels, we recommend using the size 128 x 128 pixels, as it fits nicely in the footer.


Below is a screenshot of an example.
NOTE: Make sure you have valid data in your Contact Information fields before saving / running your email campaign. For instance, putting invalid data into a field like country, may display a default system address when receiving your email campaign, instead of your custom contact information.


Be sure to Save your changes.

Testing your Changes

Navigate to Settings->Email Campaigns. Use Section 2 to upload email addresses that you have access to, use Section 4 to create a Distribution List containing those addresses, use Section 5 to create your test Email Campaign, and click the SCHEDULE CAMPAIGN button.


After it has run (check the Status and Results tab), you will get an email. The footer section should contain your changes. Below is an example.

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