File Manager

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Event Manager allows you to upload files such as pictures, pdfs, word documents, and more using Moxie Manager.

You can access File Manager by going to Settings > File Manager:


On any page, this will populate the Moxie Manager in a modal over the page you navigated from. The modal will allow you to see a file list or thumbnail display of current files, download or upload files, and more. The Red Boxed Upload button allows you to add files; the Green Boxed buttons select File List or Thumbnail Display:


To manage an individual file, select the file and click the Manage drop-down:


Under the Create menu you can also create folders to organize your documents and images.

After the files are uploaded and saved, you can access them through any HTML editor in the system by clicking Insert File or the Folder icon under Insert/Edit Image:




Invalid JSON Error

When you are using a single browser to preview the admin side of Configio while also previewing the customer side, your browser will be running in a dual session state. During this time if you were to try to access the file manager you may receive this error which is cause by previewing the admin side and the customer side simultaneously in a single browser.  Clearing your browser cache and cookies will reset your browser to a single session state which will require you to log back in to the admin side of your database.  To avoid this error we recommend using two different types of browsers. Example - Microsoft Edge can be used to view the admin side while FireFox can be used to preview the customer side. 


File Titles

Because your files can be shared online we recommend you use titles that contain no spaces.


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