Managing Payment Fees

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A Payment Fee in Event Manager is a fee assessed on every payment made within your database. Because it is automatically assessed on all payments, there is no need to assign Payment Fees to Products, Categories, or Regions.

Example: You plan to charge your customers 3% and $0.50 per payment made in the system to cover your Credit Card Processing fees. You will accomplish this by creating two Payment Fees.

How To: Start at Settings > Management > Payment Fees. Click Add New.

This opens the New Payment Fees page shown below:

Title - Create a friendly title for the fee (it will be seen by your customers)
Amount - Enter the amount you plan to charge, then check the Is % box if charging a percentage of the total.  
Payment Gateway - Select the Payment Gateway you want the Payment Fee processed through
Percent - Changes the Amount field to a percentage 
Pass Any Requirement - You can create Requirements that trigger the Payment Fee, Pass Any Requirement applies the Payment Fee if any single requirement is met. 
As with many other features in Event Manager, you can quickly make a Fee Inactive by checking the Inactive box and saving.

A completed 3% Payment Fee looks like this:

Clicking Save returns you to the Payment Fees list where you can select the cog icon to Add/Edit Requirements. There are two types of Requirements available:
Payment Gateway - Will add the Payment Fee is any Product in the order is set to use the Payment Gateway indicated
Form Questions -  Applies the Payment Fee when the selected form response is chosen from the indicated Order Form.  This does require you to create a new form type titled Order form. This feature cannot be used with any other form type.

 To add additional fees, repeat the process – there is no limit to the number of Payment Fees you can create.

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