Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a web service that tracks and reports on website traffic. Google Analytics Tracking IDs can be added a System Configuration, as shown in this article, or they can be added to individual Products.

Getting Started

To add Google analytics go to Settings > Configuration. 
Enter “google” as a keyword search in the upper, left-hand corner text box and hit Enter.


Create a new property in Google Analytics. Note: "Do not use existing account with a different domain!" Under “Google Analytics Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXX-Y)” enter the Tracking ID and click Save.


Use the URL to use the Site Map in Webmaster Tools!

Sitemaps help Google discover pages on your site our crawlers might otherwise miss. The Sitemap Details page in Webmaster Tools displays detailed information about each of the Sitemaps (including Sitemap index files) you've submitted to Google. Indexing stats are updated periodically, usually every few days, and the indexed number is a close approximation of the URLs in Google's index. View the Sitemap documentation page for more info about Webmaster Tools and SEO Management.

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