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The Account Profile Menu is located in the upper, right-hand corner of the Administrative side of your database. It displays a badge with your username and a count of Notifications for the administrative user. Clicking on the username opens a drop-down style menu which displays links to view Notifications, Dashboard, My Profile, Help and Logout.

Getting Started

There are no system-level configurations related to this feature. Just login to the Administrative side of your database to use the menu.

Viewing the Menu

You will see the updated menu on all pages in Configio admin.


Viewing Notifications

Simply click the Notifications link to see the Notifications page.


Editing Notifications

Clicking the Edit button to the far right of any notification will redirect you to either the CRM Task or Product Workflow that is due for your completion.


Additional Notifications

The notifications page currently will display CRM Tasks and Workflow Tasks assigned to you - the logged in user. We plan to expand to different types of notifications in the future. If you have a suggested notification, please contact support at with your idea!

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