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The Notifications item from the Account Profile Menu will display the total number of Active or Overdue Notifications for the administrative user currently logged in.

Getting Started

There are no system-level configurations related to this feature. Just login to the Administrative side of your database to use the menu.


Selecting Notifications from the Account Profile Menu will open the Notifications page. Notifications Page On this page, the administrator can easily pinpoint which Notification to view by using the Search feature or drop-down filter tool. Simply type a keyword, or phrase into the Search section and click on the magnifying glass for the results. You may also use the drop-down filter tool  to direct the search to All Notifications, Workflow TasksCRM Tasks, or System items. Used together, these tools can make finding the exact Notification you want quick and simple.


Clicking on any of the icons from the Edit Notification column sends you to the Tasks tab of the main Relationship Manager page.



Note: More information may be found in the CRM Tasks article.

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