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Members and Administrators can communicate by creating Account Group Posts. This is done on the Posts tab of the Communications content block. Posts can be pinned so that they always show at the top. Posts can also include Polls that can be voted on.
Members can view and create posts via the Posts tab of the Communications content block in the Shopping Cart. Administrators can view and create posts via the Feed tab of the Groups screen in the administrative console.

Finding the Communications Content Block

Members will log into the Shopping Cart and navigate to Account Groups. They can then select a group to view it.


The group page will appear and the Communications content block will be shown.

The Posts Tab

The Posts tab allows the user to create and edit posts. Posts can be pinned and they can contain polls. The user can view the posts of other members. They can comment and like, and if there is a poll, they can also vote.

Creating a Post

Input the content for the post and click the Post button. If you want to pin the post (meaning it will always show on the top), select Pin Post, and optionally include an end date for the pin.

Viewing a Post

The post now appears. It can be deleted or unpinned via the buttons by the author. It can be commented on and liked by all members.

Creating a Poll

Begin to compose a post as normal, and select "Include Poll." Input a Title, input a Question/Description, Add some answer options, and optionally add an end date for voting. Then, click the Post button.

Viewing a Poll

The poll now appears. It can be deleted, unpinned, liked, and commented on like other posts. Also, It can be voted on by all members. configio.png

Voting on a Poll

To vote, select an answer option and click the Submit button. The vote is then shown.

Searching, Sorting, and Loading More Posts

There are tools to search polls, filter by polls, and filter by member. There might also be a Load More button to see more posts.configio.png

The Feed Tab - Administrators

Administrators can do everything via the administrative console that a Member can do via the shopping cart. They can also delete any post.

Finding the Feed Tab

Log into the administrative console, navigate to Settings -> Management -> Account Groups, and select a group.
Select the Feed tab.

Administrative Use of the Feed Tab

Administrators can view and interact with posts and polls on the Feeds tab much like how Members can view and interact with posts and polls on the Posts tab. One important difference is that Administrators can edit any post, and Members can only edit their own posts. Please see above for instructions, as they can applied to the corresponding screens in the administrative console.

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