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The Services Manager allows you to setup and manage external service providers. These services include allowing your customers to create and log into Shopping Cart Accounts via their social media accounts. This provides added convenience for your customers.

You can use Configio service providers or custom service providers. Using a Configio service provider will be easier to setup, however it will have Configio branding. This branding may be shown to your customers when they are authorizing the service. Using a custom service provider has more setup, however you can brand it to match your website, and (again) this branding will be shown during the authorization step.

Getting Started

There are no system-level configurations related to this feature.

Adding a Service Provider

Log into your Administrative console, navigate to Settings -> Setup -> Services Manager, and select Services.

Then click the Add New button.

Selecting a Configio Social Login Service Provider

Click on the Configio Social Login link.

Choose your preferred built-in service provider, (optionally) update the title, and click the "Save" button.

You will now see it listed. Click the Back button.


Selecting a Custom Social Login Service Provider

Click on Add New button, then click on the Custom Social Login link.


Select the service provider in the Type menu. You will see a Setup Instructions section. These instructions are for setting-up your social network app on your social network account, and they are provided within Configio solely for your convenience. Follow the instructions, input the values created during setup into the fields above the instructions, and click the Save button.configio.png

Enabling/Disabling Social Media Login via the Service Provider

Click on the Social Media button in the Customer Authentication section.

You will see that the service is allowed as a Social Media Login provider. You can Inactivate and the service will not be available to your customers.

The Customer's Experience - Registering or Logging into an Account

Your customer will navigate to your website as normal. If they select the Login button, or if they do something like adding Product to their Shopping Cart and clicking Checkout, then they will see the Login screen.

They will then see a Register or Login via Social Network section. They can then click a social network button.

If they are not already logged into the social network application, then they can login. If they are asked to authorize the application, then they can authorize it. It is during this authorization step that your customer will see either Configio branding or your branding, depending on whether or not you are using a Configio Service Provider or a Custom Service Provider. Below is what this looks like for Twitter.

After logging in (if necessary) and authorizing (if necessary), they will be redirected back to the Shopping Cart. If the email address returned by the social network provider matches an email address of an existing Account in your database, then they will be logged into that Account. Otherwise, the system will create a new Account for them.



Here are some notes to keep in mind:
1) If your customer registers for an Account via Social Media, they will not know their password for their Account. They can continue to login via Social Media, or if they want to login directly, they can use the Forgot Password link to reset it.
2) If you also have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled in your database, and if your customer enables 2FA on their Account, then it will be bypassed if they login via Social Media. This is due to 2FA often being already setup on their social media account.




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