Verifying Pending Participants

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Underage participants are created in a pending state. When this happens, your customers will be shown an explanation and your contact information. You can then attempt to verify the account holder’s authority as a legal signor for the participant. Afterwards, you can remove the pending state. Your customers may then use the participant.
Important Note: The definition of verification your responsibility. The verification of participants is your onus. This document will show you how to technically remove the pending state, however it your  responsibility to define your legal requirements and to comply with those requirements.

Verifying a Pending Participant

After you have verified that the participant   should no longer be in a pending state, log into your Administrative Console and go to the Accounts section. Use the search tools to locate the participant, and select the Edit Participant button.
Uncheck the Pending checkbox and click the Save button.
Now your customer will be able to place orders for their verified participant.

Revoking Verification

You can re-check "Pending" and click Save on the Edit Participant screen to revoke the verification. The participant will no longer be usable, but past orders are not affected.



Please see the "Making Age Related Configurations," "Requiring Birthdates for Participants," "Adding Contact Information to Verify Minors," and "Creating Email Messages" sections of the How to Setup GDPR Compliance article.
Please also see the "The Participant Creation Experience" and "The Pending Participants Experience" sections of The Customer's Experience in GDPR Mode article.

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