Responding to Requests for Personal Information to be Forgotten

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It is your responsibility to decide when (or if) to respond to the request.

Forgetting an Individual is an Irreversible Process

Once a participant or an account is forgotten from your database, the process cannot be undone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are ready for this to occur.

You may have Legal Reasons to not Forget a Person after they Request to be Forgotten

Again, it is your responsibility as the administrator of your database to determine if the person should be forgotten.

Responding to the Request

Log into your administrative console, navigate to accounts, and use the search tools to select the account. Select the Edit Account Icon to forget an account, or select the Edit Participant Icon to forget a participant.
In this example, we are forgetting an account. Select the “Forget Account Information” button.
Input their name and click the “Forget Account Information” button.
To confirm, select the "Forget Account Information" button.
There will be a "Request Processing" message. Select the "Okay" button to continue using the system.

Processed Requests

Once the account or participant has been forgotten, the administrator that requested it will be sent an email. Personally identifiable information about the account or the participant is now deleted or anonymized.


To allow for granularity in these requests, forgetting an account does not forget each participant on the account. It only forgets the participant that is the account holder. To forget all personal information, the account and each participant must be forgotten.

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