CRM Address Management & Flow Down

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CRM Organizations can add different address for different departments or locations within the company. There's also the option to add a Primary Address for possibly the organizations head quarters. 
Address flow down occurs when a primary address for an organization is added or updated, which change/update any Primary Affiliated accounts work address to match the organizations primary address.
Log into your Administrative console, navigate to Settings -> Setup -> Configuration. 
-> Search for "Flow Down" 
Config "Enable the primary address for an organization to flow down to affiliated accounts" = On

-> Search for "Affiliations"
-Config: "Enable affiliations" = ON
-Config: "Hide CRM tab affiliations" = OFF


Primary Affiliations 

Select the Roster tab, Select Add Affiliation, Search for account, Fill out any other fields desired, Check the Primary Affiliation checkbox (When you check Primary Affiliation, the check box for Do Not Update Address will appear) Don't check the "Do Not Update Address" checkbox, Select the save button
Note: If "Do Not Update Address" is checked, this means any updates to the organizations primary address will not flow down to the primary affiliated account.
For more information on affiliating Organizations to Individuals please see the article "Managing Affiliations via the Administrative Console"  **<-ADD link**
In the top menu bar select Accounts, Search for the account you affiliated, Select the Edit button. You will see that only the Billing Address is present
In the top menu bar select CRM, Search for your organization and select it, Select the New Address button, Fill out the desired fields, Check the Primary Address checkbox, Select the Save button
After confirming the address a Flow Down modal will appear asking if you would like the address to flow down to the Organizations members. 

Select the Flow Down button
Now all your affiliated accounts that hadn't opted out, will have the organizations primary address listed in their account details. 
Go to Accounts, Search for your account, Select the Edit button
Editing Address & Changing Primary address
You company may have moved locations in which case you may want to change the primary affiliation, edit the address or delete address.
To Add new Primary Address:
In the CRM search for and select your organization, Select New Address, Fill out the fields, Check the Primary Address checkbox, Select the Save button. If confirmation modal appears, make a selection, (When the Flow Down modal appears) Select the Flow Down button. 
To Edit:
While on your organizaton, Select the hyperlink text of the address you wish to change, Make changes and select the save button
To Delete:
Find the address you wish to delete and select the Trash Icon next to it, (A confirmation modal will appear) Select the Ok button to delete the address

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