Managing Affiliations via the Administrative Console

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The Affiliations and Roster tabs allow for managing accounts and coordinators within an organization. 

Getting Started

Log into your administrative console, navigate to Settings -> Setup -> Configuration. (There are a number of configurations for the CRM, we will only cover the configurations that relate to this article)

Search for "Tab"
       -> Under the CRM section, make sure "Hide CRM tab Affiliations" = OFF
       -> Under the CRM section, make sure "Hide CRM tab Accounts" = OFF

Creating an Organization

While logged into the Administrative Console, navigate to the CRM. Select the New Lead icon:
Select "Organization" from the CRM record type choices and click "Continue:"
Enter the "Organization Name" and select a Region, then click "Complete" (all other fields are optional):
You will now see the Main tab of your new organization:

The Affiliations Tab

You can affiliate accounts and other organizations to your new organization via the Affiliations tab. Select the tab and then select the Add Affiliation button.

Add Account Affiliation Options


  • Primary Affiliation - Accounts can be affiliated to more than one organization, but can only have one Primary Affiliation at a time
    • NOTE: When "Primary Affiliation" is selected, a "Do Not Update Address" box will appear; if checked, the Individual's address will not be changed to match the Organization's address. If unchecked, the Organization's address will flow down to the Individual's account.
  • Coordinator - An account that is granted special privileges on the cart side for general management, and Product requests/approvals. When Coordinator is selected, the following options will appear:
    • Primary Coordinator - An organization can have several coordinators, but only one Primary Coordinator
    • Learning Coordinator - A coordinator that is notified via email when an account within the organization reaches a predefined course status
    • Account Payer- A coordinator that pays for products purchased for an organization
    • Approver - A coordinator that can approval products
    • Max Approval Amount - The max value for a product an approver is allowed to approve
  • Accounts Receivable - Accounts that receive emails about payments

Affiliating an Individual to an Organization - Existing Account

On the Add Account Affiliation screen, with Organization-to-Individual selected, users are able to affiliate an account with an organization. If the account already exists, search for the account holder's name and select it.
On the "Add Account Affiliation" menu, you can assign the account a role, update the start date, and give them coordinator access.
Example: In this example, we are giving Bill Flinstone the role of Exhibits, making them a coordinator, and making this their primary affiliation. When we select "Primary Affiliation," the "Do Not Update Address" option appears. When "Do Not Update Address" is checked, Bill will keep their address and will not gain the organization's address; and if it's not checked, the organization's address will flow down to Bill's account. We also want to set Bill's Start Date as April 27th, 2023 using the Date Picker:
When all changes are made, click the Save button.
Note: Roles are populated by a system list. View the list titled "Affiliation Roles (Org-to-Individual)" and "Affiliation Roles (Org-to-Org)" to change the available roles. See Managing Lists for more information.
Note: The affiliation start date cannot be in the future.
Now that the account is affiliated to the organization, you can edit the affiliation, view the account, impersonate the account, or view the affiliation history via the icons next to each affiliation:

Affiliating an Individual to an Organization - New Account

If you want to affiliate an individual to an organization, but they don't already have an account, select the Add New Account button on the "Add Account Affiliation" menu:
Enter the individual's information into the "Create New Account" menu. 
Note: All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required before saving the account.
When entering a password, it is strongly suggested that a strong password is created for security.
Community Brands recommends for creating secure passwords.
If the individual's address is unknown or not needed, uncheck the Enter Address box to hide the address fields:
Once all information is entered, click Save to complete the new account or click Save & Add Item to save the new account and add a Product to their account (this is for cases where the individual might need an organization shirt or registration packet). In this example, Miss Frizzle needs a t-shirt. The t-shirt selected has size variations available:
Once a variation is selected, the Product Details section will appear which shows the quantity of the selected Product available, an Admin Note field, a checkbox to Send Confirmation Emails, and payment options, including Pay Now, Pay Later, and Prepaid.

Pay Now

If Pay Now is selected, the Pay Now menu will appear which allows users to enter payment information including check, cash, credit card, internal order, and bank account. Each option changes the available fields:





Credit Card


If a credit card is already saved to the Account, it can be selected in the Choose Credit Card field. If not, click the + button to add a new card:

Internal Order


Bank Account

If a bank account is already saved to the Account, it can be selected in the Choose Bank Account field. If not, click the + button to add a new bank account:
Once payment information is entered, click "Make Payment." This will then route you back to the individual's Account page.

Pay Later

If Pay Later is selected, then a negative balance will show under the Account's Orders. Once Add Item is clicked, it will route you back to the individual's Account page.


If Prepaid is selected, then a zero balance will show under the Account's Orders. Once Add Item is clicked, it will route you back to the individual's Account page.

Affiliating an Organization to an Organization - Existing Organization

To affiliate an organization with an existing organization, click the "Add Affiliation" button from the Affiliations tab of the organization.
Change the Type dropdown to Organization-to-Organization, and the available fields will change. The organization you currently have selected will appear dithered out in the Parent Organization field (to choose a different Parent Organization, you will need to cancel out of this process and search for the correct organization in the CRM and go through the Add Affiliation process as described). If the Child Organization already exists, you can search for it in the Child Organization field.
Once a Child Organization is selected, you can set a Role and a Start Date for the Account Affiliation (these options are not required). Once all information is entered, click Save.

Affiliating an Organization to an Organization - New Organization

If you want to affiliate a child organization to an existing organization, but the child organization doesn't already have an account, select the Add New Account button on the "Add Account Affiliation" menu:
This will bring you to the Create New CRM Record menu. Select Organization and click Continue:
Enter the new organization's information and click Complete (Organization Name and Region are both required fields):

Once a Child Organization is selected, you can set a Role and a Start Date for the Account Affiliation (these options are not required). Once all information is entered, click Save.




Note: The Affiliation tab does not display organization-to-organization affiliations. To see this, select the Roster tab.

The Roster Tab

The Roster tab shows the affiliations in a tree view. It shows both organization-to-organization affiliations and account-to-organization affiliations. Like on the Affiliations tab, you can add and edit affiliations.

The Affiliations Tab on the Accounts Screen

You can manage an account's affiliations via the Accounts screen. Navigate to the Accounts Console and find the account using the search box. Then, click the Affiliations button under the Manage Organization header:
This will show the current and past affiliations for this account. You can add, edit, and end affiliations for this Account here:

Address Flow Down

Address flow down shares the primary address of the organization with the accounts that are primarily affiliated with the organization. When viewing the organization in the CRM, click the New Address button.
In the Add Address menu, enter a title, the individual's first and last name, address, and then select the Type of Address from the dropdown (options are Billing, Shipping, Work, Home, and Vacation). Select "Primary Address" and click the Save button.
You will then be asked if you want to flow down the address. If so, click Flow Down. If not, click cancel and uncheck the Primary Address box.
Accounts that are primarily affiliated have the organization's address marked as their Primary Address (indicated with a yellow star). If an address is marked as the Primary Shipping Address, it will have a shipping box next to the address name

Membership Flow Down 

Before starting this process, please make sure you have membership levels set up. For more information on creating membership levels, see Membership Groups, Levels, and Pricing.
All membership groups/levels appear on the organization's account page. To navigate there, while on the organization's main page, click the Account button that is on the majority of CRM tabs. Alternatively, you can search for the organization's name in the accounts section of the top menu bar.
Click the Memberships button to bring up the Membership/Purchase Levels menu.
Note: depending on your Configio settings, the Memberships button may be labeled "Qualifications."
To give all primary affiliated accounts membership levels, check the checkbox next to the level(s) you would like to grant to them, This will flow down to all primary affiliated accounts, this is also true when you inactivate a membership level, or set expiration dates.
If you search for a primary affiliated account for your organization, you will see in their Membership menu that membership levels assigned at the organization level has flown down to their account:
Updated 6/2019

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