Enabling Coordinators to Manage Organizations

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You can enable coordinators to manage organizations. They can affiliate accounts to their organization, affiliate other organizations to their organization, and purchase products for their organization.

Getting Started

Log into your administrative console, navigate to Settings -> Setup -> System Configurations. Search for "enable affiliations." Turn on the configuration titled "Enable affiliations," and select the Save button.
For additional setup and information, please see the Enabling Shopping Cart Users to Create Organizations article.

Navigating to an Organization

Log in and go to the Account Dashboard. Select the organization's name.
This returns the organization's page. There are two tabs: the Roster tab and the Details tab.

The Details Tab

When viewing an organization, select the Details tab to edit the CRM Lead Form.
Select the Manage Addresses button to update the existing address or to add a new address.
Note : Address updates by coordinators do not flow down to affiliated accounts.

The Roster Tab

The Roster tab displays the organization and each affiliated account. Coordinators can add new affiliations and edit existing affiliations on this page.

Editing an Affiliation

Select the Edit Icon.
Here, you can give or revoke Coordinator and Primary Coordinator privileges. You can make or revoke the affiliation to be primary, and you can change whether or not the organization's address should flow down to the account. You can give them a role. You can also inactivate/activate the affiliation, and you can end the affiliation. Select the Save button after making changes. Below are explanations for each field:
Type: There are two options, Organization-to-Individual (affiliates an account to the organization) and Organization-to-Organization (affiliates an organization to another organization)  
Role: The affiliated account's role in the organization. Roles can be defined in your administrative console via the Affiliation Roles (Org-to-Individual) List. See the Managing List article for more information.
Active: Determines if the affiliated account will have access to the organization and it's benefits.
Coordinator:  If a coordinator, they can manage the organization and have access to the coordinator dashboard.
Primary Coordinator: If a primary coordinator, they can approve or deny any pending product approvals.
Learning Coordinator: If a learning coordinator, they can receive emails when accounts in the organization have reached a predefined course status
Primary Affiliation: If primary, flow down can occur.
Do Not Update Address: Controls whether changes to the organization's primary address will flow down to the account.
Inactive Affiliation: The affiliation still exists, but the account does not get benefits from the organization, and if they are a coordinator, they cannot manage the organization
End Affiliation: The affiliation no longer exists.

Adding an Organization-to-Individual Affiliation

Select the Add Affiliation button.
Enter the email address of an existing account and click the Search icon. If there is an exact match, then the account holder's name will appear. If the account cannot be found, you can select the New Account button, create the account on behalf of that person, and return to this screen to affiliate them to the organization.
Note: For security purposes, a partial match on an email address will not return the name of the account holder.
Select the account holder's name. You can grant Coordinator and Primary Coordinator permissions. You can select a Role. You can modify the Start Date. You can also the start the affiliation as inactive. Select the Save button.
The account is now affiliated with the organization and displays under it on the Roster tab.

Creating a New Account and Affiliating it to an Organization

As mentioned above, if you can't find an existing account for someone, you can create a new account on behalf of them. Select the Add Affiliation button from the Roster tab (shown above), search, then select the New Account button.
Enter their information, choose whether or not to send them the account creation email, and click the "Please Create a New Account" button.
Then you can affiliate them like above.
The account is created and affiliated with the organization.

Adding an Organization-to-Organization Affiliation

Organizations can be affiliated to each other. This is useful when managing large organizations with structures like departments.
From the Roster tab of the organization, select the Add Affiliation button.
Search for the organization by name. Select the organization. You can also select a role, change the start date, and begin the affiliation as inactive. Select the Save button.
Note: Unlike when searching to affiliate an account to an organization, the match does not have to be exact.
Second Note: If the organization is not listed, then it can be created by selecting the Add New Organization button. After creating the organization, you can return to this screen to do the affiliation.
The Roster screen will now show the affiliation.
In this example, the Add New Organization button was selected. This returned the New Organization screen. Complete the CRM Lead Form and the address information and click the Save button.
The Roster tab now shows the affiliated organization.
Updated 6/2019

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