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There may be instances where an Organization should pay for a customer's Product. This can be helpful for when a company is paying for their employees to attend an Event or purchase a Product and would like the company billed directly instead of reimbursing their employees. When enabled, customers will have the ability to select Bill My Company instead of entering their own payment method.

Related Configurations

Before your customers can use Bill My Company, the following Configurations should be considered:

  • Choose when to ask for organization affiliation when creating an account
    • Determine the Org from the Cart Landing Page entrypoint
    • Ask for the Org on the Account Registration Form
      • Must have the Organization System Question included in the Account Form in the Forms module
    • Determine the Org from the Cart Landing Page entrypoint, otherwise, ask for it
    • Associate the Org via the Email Domains
  • Turn on to make new products have the option to bill the Organization selected by default
  • Affiliate Account to an organization through Bill My Company purchase

Organization Requirements

To allow Bill My Company, navigate to the CRM and search for an existing Organization. On the Organization page, select Organization Settings.

2024-05-09 20_34_33-Lead_ Super Cool Organization - Configio Sales Admin.png

Here, you will need to select Allow Bill My Company and then select Save.

2024-05-09 20_35_48-Microsoft OneDrive.png

Affiliating Users

Next, an administrator will need to navigate to the Affiliations tab. This is where you can add and manage all the users that are affiliated to this Organization.

2024-05-09 20_39_35-Lead_ Super Cool Organization - Configio Sales Admin.png

To create a new Affiliation, select the Add Affiliation button. Here, you will need to leave the Type dropdown as Organization-to-Individual. Then, you can search for an existing Account by typing in the Account name in the Account field, or create a new Account by selecting the button. 

To allow Bill My Company, the Primary Affiliation box MUST be checked. Select Save once completed.

2024-05-09 20_42_06-Lead_ Super Cool Organization - Configio Sales Admin.png

Important! For the Organization to pay for the Products, a user from the Organization must be affiliated to the Organization and have Coordinator and Account Payer checked.

2024-05-10 16_46_31-.png

Customer Process

Now, this user can use Bill My Company! The user will need to add the Product to their Customer Cart and go through the checkout process as normal. When they get to the Payment screen, they will need to select the Bill My Company tab and then select the Charge this amount to my Organization box, and select Save and Continue.  

2024-05-09 20_47_39-Payment.png

This will take them to the Process Payment page. Here, they will need to make sure their information is entered and then select Process Order.

2024-05-09 20_50_17-Process Payment.png

Viewing and Paying the Organization Charges

The user with the Account Payer designation will need to log into the Customer Cart, and select My Accounts Payable from the Coordinator dropdown.

2024-05-10 16_50_21-.png

Here, the Account Payer can see all the Bill My Company Orders. To approve the orders, they will select the box next to the Product's name and then select Pay Selected Orders. If they want to deny the order, select the X next to the order.

2024-05-10 16_51_14-.png

After selecting Pay Selected Orders, they will receive the Pay Orders screen where they can enter a Credit Card or Bank Account to pay the order.

2024-05-10 16_51_29-.png

If the order is denied, they will be presented with a screen where they select Deny To Pay or Deny and Remove.

2024-05-10 16_50_58-.png

If the order is order is Declined to Pay, then the customer will be responsible for paying.

This knowledge article provides information on specific Configio features. To ensure continuity with documentation and product functionality, Configio reserves the right to amend or update this knowledge article as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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