Tips for Making Great Screenshots

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A picture is worth 1,000 words, especially when it comes to screenshots and troubleshooting. Making great screenshots for escalated issues helps Product and Development teams assess and resolve the issue faster than issues with no or poor-quality screenshots. If you are reporting a slowness issue or an especially complex issue, you can always record a video using an application like CapCut to send to the team.

If you follow the tips and tricks below when submitting support tickets, you will see your ticket resolution time drop drastically!

Key components of great screenshots

  • Full-screen pictures: This allows us to see information immediately that may be important. If this information is not stated in the ticket or not shown in the picture, we may have follow-up questions that take time for the submitter to respond, ultimately delaying the resolution time of the issue. Screenshots should have as much information included as possible, such as:
    • Logged in user
    • Module you are working in (i.e. Products, Accounts, Reports, etc.)
    • Detailed Product or Account information such as:
      • Product ID
      • Account ID
      • Order ID
    • Product Start/End Date
    • Product Status (Active or Inactive)
    • Detailed error message (if applicable)
    • Full page URL
    • Number of tabs open (this helps us see if a performance issue may be due to browser performance)
    • Other open applications (to help determine if it is an issue with Configio or due to device performance)
    • Date and Time of issue
  • Markups: Adding markups to screenshots pinpointing the exact location and outlining the issue briefly aids in clear communication of the issue and avoids misunderstandings.

Below is a great example of a screenshot that includes all of the information we will need to begin troubleshooting your issue (to enlarge the image, right-click the image and select Open in New Tab):

2024-04-23 09_21_57-.png

  • Suggested screen recording  and screenshot software options:

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