Configio Release - April 1, 2024

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Topics Covered: 

Remove late fees and commission fees on org roster imports

Org Roster Imports were assessing late fees and commission fees when uploaded after the event had started

During the Org Roster Import, there would be late fees and/or commission fees generated when the event was uploaded within 7 - 50 days of the event start date. The late fees/commission fees assessed due to this functionality have been cleaned up.  In the future, regardless of when an Org Roster Import is done, the late fees/commission fees will be correctly assessed.

Add a way for the client to provide meta description/keywords

A new configuration will allow clients to specify the meta description and keywords for their site

Two new configurations have been added under Settings>Configuration>System that will allow the client to specify the Site Meta Description and Site Meta Keywords.  If a page loads and Configio detects that there are no specified Meta Description or Meta Keywords for the page, then Configio will use these new configs to populate the values in the page.  


Allow for Assignment of Staff only on future days after the event has started

Clients can now elect to assign Staff for all future days of the event after an event has started

When assigning Staff to an event that has already been started, if there were dates for the event that were locked for payroll, Admins had to advance the Calendar to the next date for the event to assign staff.  The "Assign to all following days" checkbox on the Assign Staff modal will have the new language "Assign to current and future days" and will be moved to the bottom of the modal, next to the Assign button.  In addition, when assigning Staff from the Advanced Product Search, there will be a new checkbox, "Assign to current and future days" at the bottom of the modal, next to the Assign button.

Update Allotment Roster

Coordinators can view the attached Dependent and Required Products as a comma-separated list (CSV file) when downloading the Roster from the Coordinator Allotments page

When a Coordinator exports allotment data from the Coordinator Allotments page, they will see new columns for the attached dependent and required products in the resulting Excel file.


New Staff Report types data sources/column headers 

The Staff dataset will have new data sources added

Any Staff Report will have the following data available to be added:

  • Region preferences (comma-separated list)
  • Category preferences (comma-separated list)
  • Work State
  • Hire History (if the staff member has ever had a status of Hired for any staff position; will be True or False)
  • Payroll numbers (comma separated list - in the format [payroll service provider title] : [payroll number])
  • First Hire Date - the date of the oldest status of Hired
  • Last Hire Date -the date of the newest status of Hired



Display only Staff members that belong to the same Region as the top-level Region filter

Region Owners will now only see staff unavailability for Staff in their Region

When a Region Owner is viewing the Staff Unavailability Calendar in the Admin site, they will only see Staff whose Home Region or Region Preferences are the Region Owner's Region.  If a Staff member does not have a Home Region or Region Preferences, then that Staff member will always be displayed.  Previously all Staff were being displayed.

Badge UI update

Admins viewing the Badge modal from an Account page will see a cleaner and more concise view of the Badges they are managing

  • There will be a tabbed interface to allow the user to see Badges for a current Product Group and other future/past Badge details:
    • Tab 1 {Product Group Title}
      • Display only Badges in the product group set as 'Default'
    • Tab 2: 'Other Badges'
      • Display all Badges not in the default Product Group
        • Tab hidden if no other product groups aside from the default are present
      • Order by Product Group Start date Descending
    • Add an accordion display for each Product Group title
    • Auto expand and Product Groups that have an end date in the future
    • Auto collapse any Product Groups with an end date in the past


Updating the Twitter/X icon

The icon for X (formerly Twitter) has been updated in the CRM contact screen as well as the Share Your Purchase screen

When a customer makes a purchase, the share your purchase screen has been updated to use the new icon for X (formerly Twitter).  In addition, in the CRM, when viewing contacts for a lead, the Digital section now also has the X icon instead of the old Twitter icon.



Staff email message operators

There are new operations that have been added to certain Staff Emails

For the following Staff Email messages, we have added new operators:

  • Staff - Prehire Checklist Complete
  • Staff - New Applicant Alert
  • Staff - Posthire checklist complete
  • Staff - Applicant hired
  • Staff - Prehire Checklist Complete (to Applicant)
  • Staff - Posthire Checklist Complete (to Applicant)
  • Staff - Checklist Item triggered email
  • Staff - Status change to Former Employer
  • Staff - Former Employee Reapplying For Position
  • Triggered Staff Schedule
  • Triggered Staff Assignment
  • Background Check Review
  • Triggered Staff Incomplete Checklist

The new operators are for:

  • Region Preferences (comma-separated list)
  • Category Preferences (comma-separated list)
  • Staff Application forms (all questions and answers)
  • View Staff Link URL
  • View Staff Link



Change the Upload UI to use dropzone on the Staff File Upload checklist

Staff will now have an easy-to-understand UI to upload files

The Staff File Upload Checklist item will now have the same drag-and-drop UI as the File Upload form question.  The files will be stored in the same place, this is just an update to the UI that allows staff to upload files.  In addition to providing the drag-and-drop interface, staff can also specify the expiration date for the file that they are uploading. For instance, if they are uploading CPR certification, they will be able to upload the certification, as well as specify when the certification will expire.


Add 'All Day' option to Staff unavailability

Staff will now see a new option when adding unavailability

The Staff unavailability calendar will now include a checkbox for All Day.  When the checkbox is selected, the start time will be set as 12:00 AM and the end time will be set to 11:59 PM for the day selected.


Limit appointment types on staff calendars

Staff members setting appointments will now see only options relevant to the business model

When a Staff member is adding an Appointment, the Appointment type options that are presented will vary based on client configurations.  If a Staff member does not have permission to create Calendars and Calendar Appointments, they will not see the Appointment Type 'In Person'.  If the client has no Virtual Meeting providers, then the appointment type 'Virtual Meeting' will not be available.


Org filter on Admin Product Schedule Calendar

Admins will now have the option to filter the results shown on the Product Schedule Calendar by Organization

When an Admin is creating or modifying a Product Schedule Calendar, there will be a new checkbox "Organization", that will allow them to filter by Organization.  Once the Organization checkbox is selected, the admin can search for a specific Organization.  Once the organization is selected and the changes are saved, the results on the calendar will be filtered to only display products from the selected Organization.


Print a Single badge from the Account

Admins can now print a single Badge for customers that have multiple registration types

In the Badges modal (from the account page), when viewing participants that have multiple registration types, admins can print out a single badge.  Participants with multiple registration types will have multiple rows in the badge modal, one row for each registration type.  Note: multiple registration types must be enabled for this feature.


Display only selected Advanced Product Search Results in quick view

Admins can now filter products that are displayed after an advanced product search

The Quick Search results, shown on the product details page in the left menu, will be filtered to display only selected results from the Advanced Product Search.  After running an Advanced Product Search, a single product or multiple products can be selected.  Once an admin views one of the selected product detail pages, the Quick Search Results will be filtered to only display the selected products.


Payroll export updates

Updates have been made to our Payroll Export

Admins exporting payroll will see an update in Column C of the export file. 

  • For column C: 'DETCODE'
    • For Non-Wages Payroll items, use the Payroll List Item Type Export Value (which is NonEventGLCode in the PayrollBatchResults table)
    • For Event items (Wages), use 'EREG'


NetSuite Integration - Invoice/Credit Memos - Part 2

The NetSuite integration has been updated for Invoice / Credit Memos to include order and customer data

  • There will be a new field on the invoice for synced/date synced, set with attempted sync date until successful
  • Send data to NS, and after success, update the sync date/synced bit
  • Email notification for deleted invoice
  • revision of the invoice will delete the old one
  • New email notifications for:
    • Need language
    • Send to emails in SP setting
    • Need language
    • Send to emails in SP setting
      • Revision/deleted invoice after sync
      • Fail email if sync not successful
    • A hidden Service Provider setting "LastSyncDate" will be the last successful day synced.
    • This will be processed with the Journal Entries by the SQ Task Scheduler.
    • Invoice/Credit memos will be per day. 
      • type (creditmemo or invoicememo (from settings, like Journal Entries))
      • tranid - Format: "CONFIGIO-{YYYYMMDD}-{subsidiary}"
      • trandate = day of transactions "YYMMDD"
      • currency (from settings, like Journal Entries)
      • exchangerate (from settings, like Journal Entries)
      • memo(from settings, like Journal Entries)
      • subsidiary(from settings, like Journal Entries)
    • If a catch-up scenario is needed, each day will be its own invoice/credit memo
      • Main (these default to the JournalEntry Service Provider Settings)
Entity (Customer) Fields:
  • Customer ID: idAccountCRM
  • Type(IsPerson): False (will always be Company/Org) 
  • First Name: Blank/Empty
  • Last Name: Blank/Empty
  • Company Name: CRM Lead Name
  • Email: Empty
Entity Address Fields:
  • External ID: idAddress
  • Default Billing: True
  • Default Shipping: Blank/Empty
  • Attention: Primary Coordinator {First Name} {Last Name}
    • If no primary coordinator, use the top 1 coordinator
  • Addressee: CRM Lead name
Entity Contact Fields:
  • Each contact collection will be any coordinator with an active affiliation
    • First Name: Account First Name
    • Last Name: Account Last Name
    • Title: Account Job Title. Blank/Empty if not present
    • Email: Account email
    • Main Phone: Account Phone. Blank/Empty if not present
    • Mobile Phone: Account Mobile Phone. Blank/Empty if not present

Update Hubspot to Support Private App Access Token

Clients Integrating with Hubspot will have a new authentication method

Hubspot has sunset the API Key authentication method.  To integrate with Hubspot, the Private App Access Token method must be used for authentication.  On Settings>Setup>Services Manager>Service Providers>Hubspot, the page has been updated for admins to provide the Private App Access Token.  Information on how to get a Private App Access Token can be found here,

Create a Mobile Friendly staff schedule list page

A mobile-friendly staff schedule list page has been created

As part of an initiative to provide better usability for Staff members viewing their Schedule or taking attendance on a mobile device, a new mobile-friendly staff schedule list page has been created.  Until the full functionality has been released, the page will not be readily available.  As work progresses on this initiative, more pages will be released.  When the full functionality has been released, a full write-up will be provided in the release notes.


Bulk import Payroll Items

Admins will have the ability to bulk-import payroll items

The Import Manager will have a new option for Payroll items, at the bottom of the list.  The file should have the following data points.  If the file contains errors, the admin will see relevant error messages on the page.  

  • Only allows Event type Products at this time 
  • Only allows staff who are in the Hired or Checklist Complete state 
  • The file should have the following data:
    • All fields are required except Rate. Note either Region or Product, not both
      • idAccount or Account Email
      • Position
        • Position name
      • One of the following (but not both):
        • Region (name of region)
        • Product (IDProduct, not the Product Name or Title)
      • Type (list item title)
      • Date
      • Notes
      • Hours / Quantity
      • Rate
        • If this is blank, the Base Wage for the Account position will be used

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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