Configio Release - March 4, 2024

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Topics Covered:

Add lock to denied permissions Assign, Notify, and Remove buttons

Admins who do not have permissions to Assign, Notify, or Remove staff from a product will see an indicator that those options are disabled due to permissions

  • When an admin does not have permission to assign, notify, or remove staff from a product, they will see lock icons with the buttons to assign, remove, or notify staff
  • This will provide a better experience so that the admin user is aware that they do not have the permission to perform that action


Login/Register Buttons will have an Aria Element for Accessibility

Updated code that improves screen reader compatibility

  • Buttons for Login, Register, Member Search, and Guest Checkout have updated formatting so they are now compatible with accessibility screen readers

Do Not Allow Pay Later on an Order With an Unpaid Balance

If a customer has an unpaid balance, they will not see an option to pay later when making a payment

  • Shoppers who have selected Pay Later for an order will not see an option to Pay Later when making a payment towards an unpaid balance
  • This also applies to admins impersonating a shopper when making a payment toward an unpaid balance


Display Message Customer History on Products

Admins will now be able to view communication history on a specific product

  • On the Message Customer modal from the Product Details page in the admin site, there will be a new button “Communication History”
  • When the Communication History is viewed, a grid of messages sent will be displayed, with the following:
    • Title
    • Email Subject
    • Email Body
    • Text Message body
    • Date / Time sent (this could be for communications sent in the future)
    • The user who sent the communication
    • A View Recipients button which, when selected, will start a download of the recipient list (similar to what happens when an admin is on the Mass Communications tab of Email Campaigns)


Exclude Characters in Generated Codes

Admins can now define characters allowed in system-generated coupon or product access codes

  • A new System Configuration (Settings > Setup column > Configurations > System, “Characters to exclude from system generated codes” has been added
  • Admins can use this field to type in characters that the organization wishes to be excluded from system-generated, complex codes:
    • Coupon Codes
    • Product Access Codes
    • Referrals
    • Gift cards
    • Vouchers
    • Org funds
  • When any of the above codes are generated, the characters set in that configuration will not be used
  • When manually creating codes, you can still use the excluded characters


Manage Dependent Products on Split Orders

Admins will be able to better manage participants on split orders

  • When viewing an order of a primary product on the primary account and no participant is assigned to an order for a product, the admin will see “No Participant”, and the order product row will have a button “Assign Participant”
  • When the “Assign Participant” button is selected, a new popup, “Assign Participant” will be displayed
    • The popup will have:
      •  the text “Select a participant for [Product Name]”
      • Save button
      • Cancel button
    • If the Dependent product is set to “Member Search” = None
      • the account holder can be assigned as the participant
        • no split order


      • Or the admin can select any of the current account’s participants
        • no split order


  • If the Dependent product is set to “Member Search” = Allowed
      • Check to see if the product is set to 'Force the Account holder to be the participant'
        • If yes, the user will be able to:
          • Assign the Participant who is the account holder of the current account
            • no split order
          • Perform an Account Search
        • If no, the user will be able to:
          • Select any participant from the current account
          • Perform an Account Search
        • Split order will occur


    • If the Dependent product is set to 'Member Search = Required
      • The user will be able to perform an Account search only and will not be able to search for the account that purchased the primary product
        • Split order will occur

Member SearchRequired.jpg

Refresh Ability for On-Site Management Organization Page

Admins using the On-site Management Organization page can refresh the page and update any changes to allotment counts without having to perform a new search

  • While viewing the On-site Management Organization, /admin/onsitemanagement.aspx, admins can refresh the page
    • There will be a new button, “Refresh”
    • When the Refresh button is selected, the page will refresh


Search Features on the On-site Management Organization Page

Admins on the On-site Management Organization page can search by Booth Number or Product Title

  • While viewing the On-site Management Organization page, /admin/onsitemanagement.aspx, there will be two new tabs:
    • Search by Product
      • The product title will be displayed in the results
      • When a product title is selected, the page will load as if an Organization Search is done


  • Search by Booth
    • There will be a new field on the Account CRM record to store the booth number, which will be sent from Go Expo
      • One organization can have multiple booth numbers
      • The Search by Booth will be specific to a Product Group


  • There will be new User/User Group permissions for On-site Management
    • If a user/user group does not have permission to Search by Booth # or Product Group, the tabs will not be visible


New Dependent List Display type

Shopping Cart Users will see more product details on Dependent Products that are displayed

  • There is a new type of Dependent List Display, 'Tiled Details with Image' and includes:
    • Product Title
    • Image
    • Short Description
    • Location
    • if the product is an event
      • Start Date/End Date
        • If both are the same, display only one
      • Start Time/End Time
    • Counter for Max Purchase Qty per Primary Item
  • Dependent products are displayed on the dependent step of checkout and grouped by type
  • The display type can be selected on Product > Advanced > Dependent Product for a specific dependent product


Shipping Library Update

Configio has updated to the newest shipping library for UPS

  • For a time, Configio will support the old library in addition to the new library
  • The new shipping library for UPS will be using oauth2 credentials and new 4D payments
  • New UPS library settings will be added to MasterConfig
  • Instructions on setting up new UPS are as follows:
    • Login to your existing UPS profile or signup for a new profile (if you don't already have one)
    • Create a new Account on your profile (if you do not already have one).  You can click on your profile logo in the top right and select "Accounts and Payment" to see your accounts and add them.
      • If you do not have an account, Select "Add New Account" in the Add Payment Method drop down and select Add.
      • Follow the steps to complete the account creation. 
      • If at the identify verification you receive an error, you may need to call UPS and have them add an Account to your profile.
    • Go to
    • If you do not have an existing app, click Add Apps or Create Application
      • Follow the steps to complete the application. 
    • Click on the Application you want to use
    • Make sure the products in use (at the bottom) include the services you want to use with at least:
      • Rating
      • Shipping
      • Authorization
    • Click the Eye next to the Client ID and Client Secret to obtain those values.
    • You will need the Account number, Client ID, and Client Secret.

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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