Configio Release - February 5, 2024

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Topics Covered:

Enable Folders on email messages

Admins can assign email messages to folders and assign users or user groups to the folders, so that access to admin pages can be better managed

  • Editing or creating an email message allows admins to set a folder
  • The email messages grid will display a new column, Folder
  • Results in the email messages grid will be filtered by the top level folder selection
  • Admin users can only see email messages that are in folders that they have been granted access to



Allow Cart users to Anonymize their data

Cart Users can now choose to request that their data be removed

  • There is a new Configuration > Personal Information / GDPR -  “Allow cart users to request that their personal data be forgotten
  • The existing user setting “GDPR Manager” is updating to “GDPR/Data Manager” When this configuration is enabled, customers will see a new button “Request my Personal Data be Forgotten’
  • Once a cart user has clicked on this option, a confirmation will be displayed
  • Once the cart user has confirmed that they want their data removed, a Forget my Information Request or Participant Forget my Information Request email will be sent to all admins set as GDPR/Data Managers
  • When an admin set as GDPR/Data Manager is editing an account in the admin site, they will see a button to forget user’s data







Franchise CRM functions in single database

Clients will have the ability to manage franchisees and territories as CRM records, if the organization has a single database in franchise mode

  • There is a setting for Settings > Setup > Users, “Is Franchise Admin”
  • Franchise admins will be able to create a new CRM record type of Franchise, and to convert leads, accounts, or organizations into a Franchise
  • Franchise Settings will display an option for Territories that shows a multi-select region tree, and a count of regions selected
  • Coordinators will have new types:
    • Region Owner
    • Account Manager
      • These checkboxes will only be visible once you check the coordinator box and when adding an affiliation to a franchise
  • With this change, the email operators for Region Owner and Account Manager will show a comma separated list of Coordinators with the designation type.
    • Region Owner Account Details
      • Will be a pipe separated string of FullName, Email, Phone (it will try to get Mobile Phone first then Phone and if none found that field will end at the email)
      • eg. "John Doe||(111) 111-1111, Jane Doe||111-111-1112
    • Region Owner Full Names
      • comma separated string of Full Name
    • Region Owner Emails
      • comma separated string of Email
    • Account Manger Details
      • see "Region Owner Account Details"
    • Account Manager Full Names
      • see "Region Owner Full Names"
    • Account Manager Emails
      • see "Region Owner Emails"



Update Org invoice to use Franchise data

Admins generating Org invoices can now display Franchise information

  • Org Invoices can now be generated with Franchise information
  • The system will find the CRM Franchise for the Region that the Organization is in
  • The format will be as follows:
    • Organization Name
    • CRM Franchise Lead Name
    • CRM Franchise Primary Address

Recurring Billing report data

Franchise Admins can access a recurring Billing dataset in Franchise roll up reports

  • When recurring billing has successfully run, the date from BillingDate is set as the last successful scheduled billing date
  • Franchise roll up reports that have order product level data have the dataset for Recurring Billing Data added
    • This data will not be backfilled, meaning that there will be no data until the next time the recurring charge is successful
    • In rollup reports, the recurring billing data will be available in the following report types:
  • In rollup reports, the dataset should be available in the following report types
    • Franchise Order Products
    • Franchise Roster
    • Franchise Product Payments
    • Franchise Payment Transactions
    • Franchise Add-On Products

Allow Staff to confirm assignment

Staff can now confirm assignments for event products, and admins can monitor which staff has confirmed an assignment

  • New Operators have been added to triggered staff assignment emails: “Staff Confirmation Link” and "Staff Confirmation Link URL"
    • If the operators are added and the staff member clicks the link to confirm from the email, their assignment will be marked as confirmed for that staff member
  • In the Staff grid display table, there will be a new field which will contain a checkbox
  • The checkbox, when selected, will confirm the staff member for all days they are assigned to for the specific product
  • If the checkbox is not selected, then the staff member will not be confirmed for all days they are assigned to for the product
  • In the product advanced search results table, there will be a new field, “All Staff Confirmed”
    • This value will be True, if all assigned staff members have confirmed their assignment for all days they are assigned to for the product
    • This value will be False, if all assigned staff members have not confirmed their assignment for all days they are assigned to for the product
  • In the product dataset for reporting, a new field ,“All Staff Confirmed” will be added
    • This value will be True, if all assigned staff members have confirmed their assignment for all days they are assigned to for the product
    • This value will be False, if all assigned staff members have not confirmed their assignment for all days they are assigned to for the product



Exempt specific clients from Announcements

Configio Super Users can now publish platform announcements, which will not be displayed for certain clients.

  • The clients table will have a setting “ExcludeAdminAnnouncements”, set to false by default. 
  • There is a new checkbox to edit the field just after the Disable Wootric setting on the Billing Setup page, with the label “Exclude from Admin Announcements”
  • When this setting is set to true for a client, the admins for that client will not see platform announcements on their dashboard view
  • They will not see the announcements menu


Track/report on multiple Avalara ID's

We can now report on updates sent to Avalara after the initial transaction

  • When a price modification is made to an Order Product after the initial transaction is sent to Avalara, we will:
    • Track the new Avalara Transaction/Document Code
    • Allow the initial and additional IDs to be access in reporting, including in roll-up reporting
  • Multiple order products within a single order could have multiple qualifying adjustments made

Add fixed tax details to reporting

Admins using product based reports will be able to clearly identify products that are taxable with a fixed tax rate, as well as the associated rate

  • In reporting, including in roll-up reporting, the dataset for Advanced Product Data will include options:
    • Use Fixed Rate
    • Fixed Tax Rate

Split Order Confirmation emails

There is a new order confirmation that will be sent out for orders that are split

  • There is a new email type “Split Order Product Confirmation”
    • This new email type will contain the same operators as the Order Product Confirmation
    • The email can be assigned to region/category/product
    • Uses the new brace operator format (allows operators in the subject line)
  • When an order has been split to another account:
    • A check is made to see if a split confirmation email message type has been assigned
    • If so, we send the assigned split confirmation email message
    • If no split email confirmation message has been assigned, the assigned Order Product/Global Order Confirmation email


Organize participants listed in Account Dropdown list

Admins viewing participants listed in accounts will see a more organized view

When viewing an account, the drop-down in the Account Details will display as:

  • Account first - with an (A)
  • The Participant that is the Account Holder - with a (P)
  • All other participants, with a primary sort by first name in alphabetical order, and a secondary sort by last name alphabetically - with a (P)


Allow Coordinators to resend/manage emails

Coordinators can now manage email addresses and re-send confirmation emails to participants on their allotments

On The Coordinator Allotments page, in the allotment order modal, there is a button for Email, just between the Refund & Remove and View Order buttons

This button will not be displayed in admin views of the modal

  • After selecting the Email button, a new modal will be displayed:
    • The modal will have a grid of assigned messages:
      • Order Participant Confirmation
      • Split Order Confirmation
      • Order Product Confirmation
      • Global Product Confirmation
    • Only one order confirmation type can be selected
    • Once a selection is made, the email address for the recipient will be displayed, and in some instances edited:
      • If the recipient is a participant under the logged in account
        • Only applicable to sending the current message, the email address will not be updated for the Order, Account, or Participant
      • If the email address is an account or participant under an account that is not a guest and is not the logged in account, the email address cannot be edited


Customize format for .ics download

Admins will now have the ability to customize the information included in .ics files for download

  • A new page titled “ICS Template” is available under Settings > Admin Pages > Settings > Setup
  • The new page will allow admins to specify the content of any .ics files (iCalendar files)
  • Once the .ics template has been created, it can be accessed from Settings > Setup
  • There is a text entry field (non-TinyMCE as HTML is not allowed) with the operator selection on the right
    • Operators from product datafields can be added
    • New style brace tag operators will be used {{operator}}
  • Once the file has been created, the customized format for .ics files will be stored
    • The file will be inactive by default
    • The file will not be editable in the config admin
    • There can be only one version of the .ics template for all products
  • At least one download option must be selected in the Calendar section on the Product  > Advanced to provide the .ics download link in the cart (at the location selected in the Calendar section)



Add Operators for Staff details

Admins can use additional operators to allow staff members to see contact information for other staff members related to their assignment

  • Three new operators have been added:
    • All Staff Assigned Details
    • Primary Staff Assigned Details
    • Non-Primary Staff Assigned Details
  • These operators can be added and viewed on the following pages:
    • Attendance
    • Sign Out
    • An available column in the Staff Grid custom display table
    • Product Based Emails such as Triggered Product Data, Triggered Staff Schedule, Triggered Staff Assignment
  • Each operator will display details in a comma separated format
    • First Name Last Name, Email, Phone (primary phone), etc.



Product Staff permissions

Admins will be able to control the ability to prevent assignment of staff that are in an incomplete checklist state

  • In Settings > Users > Permissions and Settings > User Groups > Permissions, there is a new section in Products, “Manage Staff”
  • There are permissions to do the following, which can be allowed or denied for a user or a user group:
    • Assign Button
    • Remove Button
    • Notify Button
    • Override Checklists
    • Override Conflicts
  • If allow is selected for Override Checklists, then the admin user can assign staff that have not completed their checklist
  • If Deny is selected for Override Checklists, then the admin user will not be able to assign staff that have not completed their checklist
  • This functionality gives clients greater control over who can assign staff that have not completed all required post hire items




Show email in quick search results

When admin users run Quick Searches for Accounts or Participants, they will see the email address for the account or participant

  • When searching for an account from the account details page, admins will see the email address associated to any account or participant results that are displayed
  • This functionality will allow admins to easily distinguish the correct account when performing searches


Separate Lowest node enforcement to be Admin/Staff specific

Admins will now have the ability to control the lowest region and category preferences individually on Products and for Staff

  • In Settings > Configuration > System, admins will see two options that have been removed from Products and renamed to:
    • Force Region to only allow lowest branches in Admin
    • Force Category to only allow lowest branches in Admin
  • With these settings set to True, when staff are selecting their preferences, staff can only choose the lower branch of a region or category
  • Example
    • Baseball
      • Baseball Camp
      • Baseball Year Round 
    • If camp and year round are not hide from staff, Baseball is not selectable; staff would only be able to choose from Baseball Camp
    • If camp and year round are both hide from staff, baseball is selectable and the other two are not displayed
  • These settings will be applied to all areas (Cart, Admin, Impersonation) where staff preferences are managed, except for Staff Preferences in Admin


Default for cart distance search

Admins can specify a default radius of distance for products that are displayed after customers perform a zip code search

  • A new configuration will be displayed under Settings > Configuration > Staff and Applicants, "Default product search and staff region preference postal code radius search value"
    • The default value is any
    • Admins can choose from a list of distances
    • This config is applied to the product search and staff region preferences
  • Once a distance is selected from the drop down menu and the configuration is saved, when a customer first opts to search by zip code, the distance shown and used will be the distance specified in the configuration
  • The customer can opt to change the distance from their zip code and search again
  • Staff Region preferences will also be governed by the same configuration

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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