Configio Release - January 8, 2024

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Topics Covered:

Discounts and fees added/removed to/from taxable products with a tax result but no tax amount add/remove tax

When purchasing a tax-exempt product (product set as Taxable but using a tax code that exempted it from sales tax), while also using a discount post-order, the tax amount will not be discounted

When adding a product that is tax-exempt and additionally applying a discount to an order after the order is placed, the tax amount was calculated as negative. Now, when adding a non-taxable product and applying a discount code, the tax amount will remain $0.

Apply other sort methods to postal code searches

When a zip / postal code search is done, the results will be sorted as specified in the configuration for the site

Previously, when performing a search using a postal / zip code, the results were sorted by distance, with the closest product being listed first. Now, when searching using a postal code/zip code, the results will be sorted based on the First, Second, and Third sort methods specified in the configuration for the site. In the example below, the first search sort is by Name – Z to A, the second search sort is by Date, and the third search sort is by Category.

2024-01-03_13-57-36b (1).jpg

Allow only Staff in Checklist Complete status to be assigned

Staff can only be assigned to a product if they have completed their post-hire checklist with this setting On

There is a new configuration setting in the section 'Staff and Applicants' - ‘Show Staff with incomplete post-hire checklists in Staff assignment results’

  • This setting can be On or Off, with the default being On

When this setting is set to Off, staff who have incomplete post-hire checklist items will not be displayed when searching to assign staff to a product.


Improve admin contract generation modal to allow downloading and no coordinator notification

Admins can opt to view and download a contract assigned to a coordinator without notifying the coordinator

  • In the Send Contract modal, the button Send Contract has been updated to Assign Contract
  • The contract can be viewed or downloaded by an admin without the coordinator being notified
  • There will be two new buttons on the contract modal:
    • Send – this will send a notification to the coordinator
    • Print – the print screen will allow for the contract to be saved as a PDF


Notify HR Person when Staff Add or Remove Unavailability

When staff members add or remove unavailability to their calendar, HR will be notified

A new email will be sent to individuals assigned as HR informing them of any unavailability that staff add or remove

  • A new global email type "Notification for Staff Unavailability Change" has been added to alert the assigned HR representative when staff add or remove unavailability on their schedule
  • The email will contain information about staff availability; the assigned HR representative will receive information about whether unavailability was added or removed (done via an operator available to be added to the email)
  • One email will be sent for each staff member's calendar unavailability entry
    • if a staff member has entered unavailability over multiple days, one email will be sent to HR 


Add slide bar to Product Advanced Search

A new slide bar has been introduced to the Product Advanced Search in the Admin site

  • When running an advanced product search, a slide bar has been added to the top of the results that will allow for the list to be scrolled side to side
  • This UX enhancement allows individuals to scroll to the side to view all product details without going to the end of the results to access the bottom scroll bar
  • The header row is sticky and will be displayed at all times


Add Reg Source and Reg Method to both Attendance and Sign-Out Pages

When viewing Attendance and Sign Out pages, the registration source and method will be displayed

  • A new data source, Order Data, has been added to the options for Operators on the Attendance and Sign Out Admin page
  • Order data, such as Order Total Fees, Order Total Unpaid Amount, among many others can be added as an operator for the Header and Participant Fields on the Attendance & Sign Out pages
  • The registration methods will be as follows:
    • Do Not Allow Registration
    • Dual Registration
    • External Registration
    • Internal Registration


Add Phone Number to displays

When viewing the product staff assignment page, if a mobile phone has been added to the account, there will be a mobile phone icon displayed

  • When viewing staff on the Product Staff Assignment page, a mobile phone icon will be displayed for all staff members who have a mobile phone associated with their account
  • When an admin hovers over the icon, the staff member’s mobile phone number will be displayed


Add "Show Organization" to the Product Schedule Calendar

The organization associated with a product will be displayed in the admin product calendars

When the new setting Show Organization is checked, the Organization will be displayed when an admin hovers over an event on the Product Schedule Calendar:



Add Review Course Button from Account LMS modal

Admins viewing LMS courses for an account will be able to click a button to jump to the review screen

There is a pencil icon to the left of the Remove Course button (trashcan icon)

Clicking the icon will jump admins directly to the review screen for the LMS


Auto pro-rate on product

For events longer than one calendar day, a pro-rate can be applied to reduce the price for each calendar day of the event that has passed.  This provides savings to customers who are purchasing an event that has already started

  • There is an Auto pro-rate price checkbox on the Advanced tab for an event product
  • The checkbox will only be active for products that have more than one calendar day
  • When the Auto pro-rate price checkbox is checked for an event product, the price will decrease every calendar day of the event that has passed
    • the formula used is TotalAmount - (TotalAmount / # of CalendarDays) X #ofCalendarDaysMissed
      • Example
        • $100 product
        • 5 calendar days
        • The first auto prorate schedule should start on the end date/time of the first day and set the price to $80. 100 - (100/5)*1
        • The second auto prorate schedule should start on the end date/time of the second day and set the price to $60. 100--(100/5)*2
        • third auto prorate schedule should start on the end date/time of the second day and set the price to $40. 100--(100/5)*3
        • fourth auto prorate schedule should start on the end date/time of the second day and set the price to $20. 100--(100/5)*4
        • Nothing should happen on the fifth (last) day because that would set the price to zero
  • Because this feature was recently released, product calendars will need to be recreated before this feature will be available.


To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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