Configio Release - October 16th, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Improve Staff Info display

Staff members can now see more information pertaining to the events they are assigned to using the info button on Assigned Staff Events

  • Course Number will display after the Product Name if the Configuration to require Course number on the product type is enabled
  • Split the staff Schedule into two columns
    • Dates displays the Start to End range
    • Times Displays the Start to End range
  • Added Location Title and Address, the address is a clickable link to a Google map
  • The display is updated to show years instead of just months when minimum and maximum ages are applied
    • If there are no minimum or maximum age constraints display “Any”


  • Removed the display fields for Price and Cost

Add count of Schedule Day Event's attended

Admin’s who manage participant attendance can now see a count of single day events (SDE’s) a participant has been marked in attendance for

  • In the listed areas where Participant Attendance is considered, we will add:
    • Count of Total Schedule Day Events that participant is on
    • Count of Schedule day Events the participant has been marked in attendance on
  • These fields will be available in
    • Order Product Participant dataset of reports
    • As Columns in Advanced Check-in grid


  • In the edit item modal for Order Products, add the count only of the sessions attended


Show regions or categories marked "Hide from Search" on staff region and category preferences, but have them be unselectable

Categories or Regions that are set as “Hide From Search” with this update will still show in the staff’s region and category preferences but cannot be selected.

  • If a parent region/category is un-selectable, children under that region/category may still be selectable, they would need to be marked "Hide from Search" as well to be non-selectable
  • In the example shown below Boulder and Sandpoint are both set to hide from search



Postal code search on Staff Application to filter region preferences

Staff members applying for a position can now enter their postal code to filter region to only those within a certain distance from them

  • There is a new config -"Enable postal code search to filter staff region preferences"
  • Staff see a text box for postal code search and distance drop down search button
    • like the shopping cart distance search, if the config to show the unit of measure is on, that will also show 
      • "Show Product Search Postal Code Radius unit dropdown" 


  • This search control identifies Locations and the Region Locations are set to
  • If no regions are returned, disable the tree and show a message "We could not find a region that matched your search. Change your search options and try again."


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