Configio Release - October 2nd, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Product Approval Emails as Assignable email types

For orders of Products marked as 'Require Approval for Purchase', individual Product Approval and Product Denial notifications are an assignable email type rather than managed globally

  • This feature uses the same Approval and denial email messages/message type as with prior function

Membership Pricing applies on Admin orders

When placing an order in Admin on an account, Membership pricing will be validated and applied on placement of the order

  • Orders placed in Admin will apply the same product setting and Configuration behaviors as the cart
  • Due to orders placed in Admin being completed in a single step/page, pricing will not be reflected on the order page and will be a validate and applied upon the order processing

Staff calendar display options

Admins can further customize the details displayed to Staff on the Assigned Staff Calendar

  • There is a new Configuration 'Enable Product location on Staff calendar'
  • There is a new Configuration 'Enable Staff Position on Staff calendar'
  • There is a new Configuration 'Term to display for quantity sold on calendars'
    • This setting also applies to Admin Calendars
    • Is only Applied when the Showing Quantity sold is enabled on the Staff or Admin calendars

Ability to hide Staff reports

Admins can choose to allow or deny access to the reports button in the Product Info modal of the Staff schedule

Non Primary Staff operator

In addition to the existing operators for 'Primary Staff Name' and 'Product Staff List', there is a new operator for 'Product Nonprimary Staff List' available in emails and Sign-Out sheets

Staff Position email operator

Email content sent to Staff can inform the Staff of the position they have been assigned in

  • This operator is available in the email types:
    • Triggered Staff Assignment
    • Triggered Staff Schedule

Compact version of Sign-out page

  • When editing the Sign-Out page, there is a new setting to 'Apply compact format'
  • When enabled this will reduce font sizing and remove line spacing to allow more participants or participant field detail to fit per page

Coordinator Events grid updates

The Events display grid shown to coordinators can now be fully customized

  • There is a new Custom Display Table 'Coordinator Event Grid'
    • This is a global display table and cannot be deleted
    • Contains data options for Product, Organization, and Staff 
  • The legacy URL parameter for this page is /prodmgmt
    • The legacy URL will continue to operate
    • A user friendly URL parameter of /coordinatorevents has also been added

Waitlist count display on products and in Advanced search results

Admins can easily view Waitlist counts in new locations

  • On the main tab of the product, there is a new field that displays the counts of active waitlists on the product


  • In the Custom Display Table type for Product Advanced Search, there is a data column for Waitlist Count


View Waitlist report details from product roster

Waitlist reports using the 'New' report engine can be viewed on page

  • When Creating or Editing a Waitlist report, there is a visibility option for 'Roster Tab'


  • When at least one waitlist report is enabled with this visibility, the Roster tab of the Product will display a section 'Product Waitlist'
  • The selected report can be viewed in browser



Active Column option added to Advanced search results

A more user friendly terminology has been applied to reflect the Active/Inactive state of products in search results

  • In the Custom Display Table for Product Advanced Search, there is a new data type for 'Active'
  • The prior option of 'Inactive' is still available

Organization Roster import updates (Skyhawks)

  • Account Phone to Alt Phone to emphasize use of Mobile Phone for SMS
  • Columns have been re-ordered with Participant data first
  • Age Column added for use when a Participant Birthdate is not bale to be collected so that age can display to staff
    • When Age is imported, the Participant Birthdate is set to January 1st of the appropriate year

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