Configio Release - August 22nd, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Improve Staff assignment from Advanced Search

Auto load the specific product when only one Advanced Search result is chosen

  • When only a single product is selected from an Advanced Search result, and the Assign Staff action is used, the selected product will load instead of loading the assign multiple window
  • If the selected product has a Calendar built, the product level Assign Staff modal will open
  • User can toggle the advanced search to return to search results

Display top three Category preferences on staff grids

Update to prior release which allowed displayed Staff's top two category assignments

  • When the Configuration 'Show applicant's category preferences in the staff management screen' is ON, Assign Staff displays will show the staff's top three Category preferences 

Set Primary Staff from Staff position

Prior release included the feature to set a sort order on Staff Positions; if a Position is indicated as a Primary position, this feature expands the behavior of determining which Staff assignment should be marked as the Primary

  • If a database has no Staff position indicated as a 'Primary' sort order, no behavior changes
  • If a database has a Staff position marked as a 'Primary' sort order:
    • If the First Staff position assigned is not in a position that is a 'Primary' sort order, they will not be indicated as the primary Staff, regardless of the Configuration 'Set staff as primary if they are only staff on product'
    • When a Staff in a position that is a Primary sort order is assigned:
      • If there is no Staff assigned have been manually indicated as 'Primary Staff', they will be assigned as Primary Staff
      • If any Staff assigned have been indicated as 'Primary Staff', the assignment of Staff in a Primary sort order will not override
  • This addresses only the automatic logic, primary staff are able to be adjusted manually on assignment screens

New Donation Step of checkout

There is a new type of cart Donation to provide a simplified experience during checkout

  • When Creating a Money Request; there is a new option 'Primary Donation Used for Donation Step of Checkout'


    • The Admin user can define the terminology used for the Donation, the Add to Cart action and  Decline/No Thank you buttons, as well as GL Code, Sub Account Code, and payment Gateway
    • Only one of this type can be active at a time
    • This request type is not available by a direct URL
  • There is a new Assignment Type for 'Donations'


  • If at least one product in the users cart has the Donation assignment, the Donation step will be used at checkout

Cancel Product action

This feature allows for certain action commonly made when withdrawing a product offering to be automated into a single step

  • There is a new page '/admin/ProductCancelActions.aspx'
    • Menu is inactive by Default
    • The page can be navigated to directly by the URL, or activated as a Settings menu item through Admin Pages
  • Actions used for the cancellation are pre-set on the page


  • Calendar Days can not be deleted if the product has any active order products or staff assigned
    • If unable to complete the action for one of these reasons, the user will receive a message with the details
  • When the feature is Active, the Cancel action is available on the main product tab



Delete Product action

  • There is a new Configuration 'Enable Product Deletion'. When enabled will display a Delete button on the product main tab, Configuration is disabled by default
    • Product button permissions can be set on a User Group/User level


  • Products can only be deleted if there are no orders for the product, inactive orders of the product will not allow deletion
  • Products cannot be deleted if there are any Payroll items
  • If the product meets the criteria to be deleted, the button will turn Red on hover
    • User will receive a confirmation of the action
  • If the product cannot be deleted, a tooltip is displayed with the reason
  • Products can be deleted at the Master product level if all variations meet the requirements

Show Registration Begins On date on Product Details Page

Cart users can see a label informing them when the Purchase start date of a product occurs

  • There are two new Configurations:
    • 'Enable the "Registration Begins on" display on product detail pages'
    • 'Enter the display label for the "Registration Begins on" display on product detail pages'
  • When the online Start has passed and the Purchase Start is in the future, the Purchase Start date will be displayed at the end of the label text by the Notify Button


  • Applies to Event and Merchandise Product types

Require Course Number on Product

Course Number can be enforced as a required field when creating/Editing a supported product types product

  • There is a new Configuration 'Require course number on event products'
  • Require course number on time block products

Add Admin and Coordinator BCC controls to included email message types

Additional email types add to support send a BCC to the Assigned Admin or Coordinator BCC's. New message types support are:

  • Waitlist Confirmation
  • Low Inventory Warning
  • Order Refund
  • Recurring Billing - Charge Failure 

Updates to Point of Sale - Quick Checkout feature

Admins can process orders for qualifying products quickly without collecting order data

  • There is a new Configuration 'Enable POS Quick Checkout'
  • When enabled, the Admin Guest Order and Account Add Order flows will display Products that are in the Product Group that is set as the Default group
    • Only products that are zero Participant Per will be returned
    • Products that have shipping or Pick-up Locations enabled will not be returned
    • Forms and Add-on products are not supported
  • The Product search is supported in the modal and supports prior behaviors


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