Configio Release - December 4th, 2023

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Fee for Colorado Delivery

CO imposes a fee when taxable goods are transported by motor vehicle within the state of CO which has some specific rules

  • There is a new Payment Fee requirement type 'Colorado Delivery Fee'
  • When a cart user has at least one item that is taxable and has a shipping address or Pick-up Location within the State of CO, one fee per cart will be applied
  • The Fee will be displayed in the cart as its own item separate from any other fees
  • Once the order is processed, the Fee cannot be refunded and Admins will be blocked from refund action
  • Some jurisdictions in CO may also apply tax to the Fee. Due to this, the Payment Fee in Configio should be set to a $0 amount and the correct Fee + any applicable tax will be calculated via API and added to the order
  • The current limitation is for the cart side only, Admin orders will be addressed in a future release

Bulk Staff Removal

Removing Staff can be performed from multiple products at once in the Advanced search

  • When using the Assign Staff function within the Product Advanced Search, staff can be removed from all selected products


Removed Tag Displayed on Inactive Order Products in Admin

Inactive items will now display a Red 'Removed' tag on the row in Admin to assist with the quick identification of canceled items


Triggered Staff Incomplete Checklist Email

Staff can be reminded of pending post-Hire checklist items by a Triggered email

  • There is a new email message type for Triggered Staff Incomplete Checklist
    • This email offers new operators types to list the Core and Non-core post hire checklist items remaining to be checklist complete
  • There is a new Trigger type that uses the Date hired in the Staff position

Replace or Append Product Images from Categories

When using Category Images and a product category is changed, the user can determine if the image from the initial Category is removed or retained

Warn User when Transferring a Roster Import Product

Admins can be notified prior to completing a transfer of an order from a Roster Import

  • There is a new Configuration 'Enable Roster upload admin transfer warning'
  • There is a new Configuration 'Roster upload admin transfer warning message'
  • When the the transfer warning is enabled, Admins will be displayed the warning prior to the transfer actions


Allow Removing Staff Assignments and Calendar Days when Cancelling or Deleting Products

  • On the Product Cancel page, there are additional settings for:
    • Remove Product Calendar Days
    • Remove Assigned Staff


  • If the Configuration 'Enable Product Deletion' is enabled, these actions will be performed upon the product deletion
  • Both Cancel and Delete buttons will continue to be disabled if the product has any Payroll items attached

Enforce Selecting Child Region on Locations and CRM Records

When the configuration 'Force region to only allow lowest branches in the admin' is enabled:

  • Admin users can select only the lowest Region when managing Locations
  • Admin users can select only the lowest Region when managing CRM records

Admin can Modify Staff Region and Category Preferences from the CRM

When viewing a Staff position, Admins can manage the Region and Category preferences without impersonating the Staff person



Updates to Managing Wage Rules

  • Folders are now available on Wage Rules to that users can easily see and manage only rules that apply to them
  • Wage rules can now be assigned at a Region/Category level to allow for easy management of rules

Indicate Taxable vs Non-Taxable Payroll Items

  • When managing list items in the Reimbursement Types list, users can select if the item is categorized as Taxable or Non-Taxable for use in Payroll exports
  • Supported types are:
    • Taxable
    • Non-Taxable Mileage
    • Non-Taxable Phone
    • Non-Taxable Other

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