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Membership Level Discounts are a great way to offer Members a discounted rate on Products in Configio.

For more information on creating Membership Levels, please reference this article: Membership Groups, Levels, and Pricing

Assigning Membership Pricing

After the Membership Levels have been created, navigate to the Product you'd like the Membership Discount to apply to.

Then, on the Assignments tab, assign the desired Membership Levels from the Membership Prices and Membership Price Group Assignment Categories.

2023-10-13 11_16_40-Product_ 2023 Training Event - Configio Admin.png

Advanced Pricing

Once the Membership Levels have been assigned, navigate back to the Product Main tab.

On the Main tab, select the Advanced Pricing button.

2023-10-13 11_35_57-Product_ 2023 Training Event - Configio Admin.png

This will open the Advanced Prices menu. Here, you can set specific prices for each Membership Level.

2023-10-13 11_36_52-Product_ 2023 Training Event - Configio Admin.png

Once the prices have been entered, select Save and then save the Product.

Now, when customers with active Memberships purchase the Product, they will receive the reduced price.



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