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Shortened URLs offer many advantages. They are easier to publish, promote sharing, have higher click-through rates, and generally beautify the URLs your customers see.

In a past release (in 2017), Configio shortened commonly used URLs. Through this release, the URL Shortener feature was also introduced. This tool allows users to take longer URLs and create shorter ones for customer distribution.

Shortening URLs is useful when you are emailing URLs to customers and is generally good practice.

NOTE: if customers or users still navigate to the longer URL, the link will work even if you've used the URL Shortener.

Accessing the URL Shortener

To access the URL Shortener, navigate to the Settings menu, then select URL Shortener under the Management column.

2023-10-05 08_51_54-Default - Configio Sales Admin.png

URL Shortener Page

On the URL Shortener page, you can view all of the shortened URLs that have been created, edit existing ones, copy shortened URLs, and create new ones.

2023-10-05 09_09_53-Url Shortener - Configio Sales Admin.png

To begin, we're going to create a new shortened URL. To do this, select the + URL button. This will bring you to the Create New URL page. Here, you will enter the Original URL (the URL you'd like to shorten), and what you'd like the URL shortened to. 

For example, I want to shorten the URL of a shirt Product from "https://bill4.configiodemo.com/pd/92/required-shirt?source=search&returncom=productlist" to "https://bill4.configiodemo.com/requiredshirt"

To do this, we would enter the original, longer URL into the Original URL field and then type "requiredshirt" into the Short URL field, and then select Save:

2023-10-05 09_16_45-Url Shortener - Configio Sales Admin.png

Now users and customers can be directly taken to the Required Shirt Product by navigating to https://bill4.configiodemo.com/requiredshirt.

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