Configio Release - September 11th, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Show Course Number and Region Owner on Order Product rows

Admins can see additional information about a product on the expanded Order Product row

  • Course Number will be displayed only if the product purchased has a course number value
  • Region Owner will display only if the product is set to a Region with a Region Owner value

Staff Checklist items Managed on Region/Category

Checklist items have been updated to allow assignment to Regions and Categories rather than allowing more precise control

Order Type Displayed on Legacy Roster Reports

Order Type has been available in 'New' report datasets and can also be leveraged to display the source of the order in Legacy reports

  • Types of Orders:
    • Admin
    • Roster Import
    • Cart

Show Product Start Date on Payments

To assist Admins in differentiating the product a payment was applied to, the Start date is displayed in the Admin payment modals

Course Number value can be displayed on payments

For clients that use Course Number, this can optionally be displayed in payment modals

  • If the Configuration 'Require Course Number when creating a Product' is enabled, the value from the product will be displayed in Admin payment modals

Tag format operators applied to additional email messages

As part of our ongoing initiative to move email operators to a more stable method, the following messages will now use the {{operator.field}} instead of the <custom>operator.field</custom>

  • Low Inventory
  • Staff New Applicant Alert
  • Staff Checklist Expiry
  • Staff Triggered Checklist Item?
  • Product Waitlist
  • Waitlist Signup Notification
  • Waitlist Joined Notification

Top Category Pref/Region Owner on Staff search grid

Allow the number of characters in an SMS message to be limited

Admins can apply a character limit to SMS messages to avoid service provider charges for long messages

  • On SMS service Providers, there is a new field for the Maximum number of characters to apply
    • a value of zero is unlimited (current behavior)
  • Any value above zero will display a character counter where SMS messages can be entered:
      • Message Product
      • Triggered Staff Schedule
      • Triggered Staff Assignment
  • If an operator is added to a message, a warning will be displayed to the user 'Character count cannot be calculated when using dynamic operators'
  • If more than one Service Provider is present, the lowest character limit will be used for the counter
  • The character limit applied is herd enforcement applied when the message is sent by the selected service 

Admins can limit the number of Category additional Wage rules to apply

  • There is a new Configuration 'The max number of additional category wage rules that can apply to a staff person'
  • When a limit is applied, the highest wages rules will be added first (most advantageous to the staff person)

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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