Configio Release - August 9th, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Support Recurring Billing for Stackpay Gateway

Clients using Stackpay can now use Recurring Billing.

The initial Stackpay implementation did not include support for Recurring billing items. This update now supports this feature. Customers will need to provide their debit or credit card's CVV code when providing payment information.

Email Long Running ad-hoc reports

There is a new option to have reports emailed to you when they are finished running instead of waiting on the loading screen.

When running a large report, there is a new option that allows the user to select to have the report run in the background and be emailed to them when completed. Previously, these long-running reports could time out. This will allow users to continue working in Configio while the report is being run.

On the report run screen, there is a new button 'Run this Report now and mail it to me:'

2023-08-10 09_54_51-Reports - Configio Sales Admin.png

  • When the email option is selected, a pop-up modal will appear where "Ask me" type filters can be adjusted:

2023-08-10 09_56_52-Reports - Configio Sales Admin.png

  • When Save is selected, a confirmation message will appear and the report will be emailed to the logged-in user once completed:

2023-08-10 09_58_50-Reports - Configio Sales Admin.png

New Donation step for Cart checkout

There is a new type of Money Request option for Donations.

The Donation Money Request acts as a Product Add-On for a more seamless checkout process. When the Donation is assigned to the Product, the Donation step will be added at checkout, allowing customers to enter a donation amount on purchase.

  • When Creating a Money Request; there is a new option 'Primary Donation Used for Donation Step of Checkout'

2023-08-10 10_25_05-moneyrequest - Configio Sales Admin.png

    • The Admin user can define the terminology used for the Donation, the Add to Cart action and the Decline/No Thank you buttons, as well as GL Code, Sub Account Code, and Payment Gateway
    • Only one of this type can be active at a time
    • Note: Unlike Donation type Products, this money request type is not available by a direct URL

For the Donation to appear on the Product, it needs to be assigned under the Product Assignments tab. There is a new Assignment Type for 'Donations' where the Donation Money Request will appear.

2023-08-10 11_48_28-Product_ 2023 Training Event - Configio Admin.png

Pro-Tip! If at least one product in the user's cart has the Donation assignment, the Donation step will be added at checkout.

Note: There are some final interface updates to this feature that will be announced in the future.

Tax Setting on Royalty Profiles

Franchise Masters managing Royalty Profiles can indicate that the calculated royalty amount should have tax applied and sent to Avalara

  • A new option is available on Royalty Profiles called "Is Taxable"
  • When "Is Taxable" is selected on the Royalty Profile, new fields will appear:
    • Tax Code
    • Originating Location
    • SKU
  • When running royalty calculations for the profile, this information will be used to calculate any Tax amount added to the royalty Order Product that is posted to the Franchise

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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