Configio Release - June 26, 2023

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Allotment Import support for Allotment Groups

When importing Allotments, Admin users can now include additional details to format any number of Allotments into an Allotment Group

  • In the Allotment Import template, there are additional fields for:
    • Allotment Title
    • Allotment Group URL
    • Product Group ID

  • When processing the Allotment import, for any rows where the Allotment Title, Allotment Group URL, and Account CRM ID match, and where the product listed is in the Product Group specified; an Allotment group will be created and the rows with these matching values will be created as Allotments within that group

Allotment-Specific Long Descriptions

Product Long Descriptions have new visibility options to display only during Allotment actions

  • When Creating or Editing Product long descriptions, there are visibility options for:
    • Allotment Redemption
    • Allotment Swap

  • When there is an Allotment in a cart users session
    • If it is on the initial redemption/use of the Allotment, the redemption description will display and the Swap description will not
    • If the Allotment in session is the result of a swap, the redemption description will not display and the swap description will

Allotment Swap page header

When performing an Allotment Swap, instructional text can be displayed at the top of the cart detail page to assist and direct the cart user during the swap

  • There is a new Configuration 'Message to display in the detail page header on Allotment Swap'

  • The Configuration will accept tags to display dynamic information of the allotment and registration. Tags accepted are:
    •  OrderProduct.Title
    • OrderProductParticipant.FirstName
    • OrderProductParticipant.LastName
    • OrderProductParticipant.FullName
    • AllotmentTitle
    • Config.AllotmentTerm
  • Note: Tags should be surrounded by {{}} with the tag going in the middle.

Coordinator Allotment page UI/UX updates

The page Coordinator Allotments has been updated to improve the UI/UX

  • When Allotment Groups exist, a header is displayed with the title of the Group
  • "Register" and "Copy URL" buttons are moved into the Group Header instead of on each Allotment row
  • Allotments within the Group display each allotment row with use and Order detail as previous

Account ID Search

On the Accounts page, Admin users can search by a user's Account ID

  • The quick search will return results for an Account ID with no update needed to any settings
  • To show the Account ID Search field, the Configuration 'Show the ID Account field for Account Advanced Search' will need to be enabled
    • When enabled, a search field is displayed in the Account section of the Advanced search



Product Calendar Schedule Title and Event Schedule Description in Advanced Product search grid options

When managing Custom Display Tables for Advanced Product Search results, there are two new fields available

  • Product Calendar Schedule Title

  • Event Schedule Description

Consolidate the display of Participants on Single Page Checkout details page

To optimize the users experience when an account has a large number of Participants, the participant list can be displayed in a searchable dropdown when the number of Participants exceeds the set number

  • There is a new configuration 'Maximum number of participants to display on a detail page before using a drop down'

  • When the number of participants saved to an account is under the set limit, no change is applied
  • When the number of participants saved to an account is over the set limit, the participants w


  • After selecting a Participant, the participants details display as before
  • Applied on the Single Page Checkout
  • Default Configuration limit is set to 25

Add Avalara codes to reports

To assist clients that use a custom Avalara Service Provider, two Avalara tax fields have been added to the Orders dataset of reports

  • Tax Transaction ID
  • Tax Transaction Code

Add Date only fields to report exports

When exporting reports, fields that have only a date component will now return a Date only and not a Date/Time

Service Queue to check status of SCORM uploads

When an Admin uploads SCROM content, the confirmation of the SCORM upload will be completed through a Service Queue item rather than being dependent of actions on the webpage

Configuration for Inactive Lottery Items

In cart side views where order products are displayed, inactive items in a Lottery can have a custom term applied to differentiate them from cancelled non-lottery items

  • There is a new Configuration 'Term to use in order history for inactive order products'

  • In Order history, Order Confirmations, Order Summary, and Lottery Management page, inactive Order Product items will display the custom term

Lottery Management Page

This introduces a new page that cart users can see and manage active items in a Product Group Lottery

  • There is a new Configuration 'Lottery Menu to display on the Account Dashboard' with options for:
    • Lottery Prioritization
    • Lottery Management
    • Do not Display

  • The My Lotteries link displays on the Account Dashboard only when the Account has at least one item in an active Lottery and:
    • Lottery Prioritization Page: The menu link displays from the time a product set to 'IsLottery' is purchased until the Lottery is Run
    • Lottery Management page: The menu link displays from the time a product set to 'IsLottery' is purchased until the end date of the Product Group.
    • The Lottery Management page also has a direct page path to allow use for other functions and goals
  • There is a new Configuration 'Message to display on the Lottery Management page with no Won items'
    • After the Lottery has been run, when an Account with no won items views the page, this message will be displayed

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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