Configio Release - June 5th, 2023

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Dual Registration Option

There is a new registration option under the Products Advanced Tab that will allow for registration to be both internal and external.

When creating a Product, admin users can mark a Product as "Dual Registration" for reporting.

This option functions the same as an Internal Registration.


Badge[on]Demand Print Control Updates

The collaboration between Configio and BoD now also includes the ability to print the Expiration Date on Product Group Registration Types.

Printing Expiration Dates on Product Group Registration Types

This is a new optional field used when a participant has multiple badges that have different expiration dates (i.e. a conference that uses one-day-only badges but the participant will be attending multiple days).


Default Internal Product Status

A new Configuration called "Default new product internal product status" is introduced that allows Admin users the ability to select a default internal Product status, or to leave it as "Not Set."

Display Username in Account Details

This new Configuration shows the Account's username in the Account Details section when viewing an Account as an Admin.

To enable this feature, an Admin user will need to enable the "Show Account Username in Admin Account Details" Configuration. When enabled, the Account Holder's username will appear under their email address in the Account Details section when viewing an account as an Admin.


Cloning an Item in a Folder prompts for Folder choice

When cloning a Discount, Fee, or Disclaimer, the user is able to update the Folder(s) that the clone is placed in to allow items to be copied from Read Only Folders into ones the user has Write privileges to.

Folder Filtering on Assignments

When managing Assignments of items in Folders, users can now filter by Folder and remove access to items in 'denied' Folders.


Add Advertised Price to a Product and Auto-Calculate Roll-Up Fees

With this feature, a field has been added to the Product Main Tab that calculates the Base Price of the Product plus Rollup Fees.

Admin users can grant the Advertised Price by enabling the "Enable advertised price on product" Configuration. There is also a Configuration making the Advertised Price required: "Require advertised price on product." The Advertised Price will appear as "Base Price + Rollup Fees" under the Product Main Tab:


When a Product has assigned Fees that are set as "Rollup fee into the price of the product when displayed to the customer," Configio will auto-calculate the Product Price and Qualifying Fees after saving or refreshing the page.

Update new Fee Logic to not apply Fees to other Fees

When applying Fees, the calculations will be made to the price without any other Fees applied and prevents Fees from compounding onto each other.

Note: This only applies to clients using Fees as a transactional line item - if you do not use this feature, this does not apply to you.

Custom Features

The features in this section are not used by all Configio clients - the features may or may not apply to your organization.

Payroll Phase 3

As part of ongoing Payroll management, the following features have been updated but do not affect workflow:

  • Payroll Periods
  • Payroll Review and Edits
  • Primary Position Sort Order on Staff positions
  • Payroll Items

Note: Further documentation will be available at the conclusion of this project

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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