Configio Release - May 15th, 2023

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Topics Covered:

Folders - Phase 1

Folders will allow User Groups/Users to be given Write, Read, or Deny permissions to specific assignment types. This feature allows high level Admins to create folders and grant User and User Group access. The current phase introduces the structure of folders and makes folders permissions available on:

    • Fees
    • Discounts
    • Disclaimers
  • Under Settings > Setup; there is a new menu item of 'Folders'
  • Admins can add, edit, and manage assignments to a folder


When Folders are created, Admin can manage User Group and User level permissions to the folders


  • When creating one of the available assignment types; the user will be able to select one or multiple folders for the item to be placed into.
  • Other Admin users will be able to use or edit the item based on the level of permissions they have to the folder(s) the item is placed in.
  • Future phases will expand where folders are available and ability to only see assignment type for folders a user has permissions to.
  • If no additional folders are created (only the ‘All Folders’ level exists), options for Folders will not be displayed to users

Mange Intellitix RFID add-ons by Registration Type

For clients using the integration for Intellitix RFID, admins can now grant entitlement add-ons through Product Group Registration Types

  • When adding or editing a registration type for a product group, there is an "Intellitix Addons" field,  This is a free-form field that allows for one or more comma separated values of entitlements
    • Intellitix add-ons fields will only show up if the config EnableIntellitixAddonFields is set to true.
  • When syncing to Intellitix, the distinct combination from Product, Registration Type, and Membership level add-ons should be used.

Add Assignments by Organization

Admins can make assignments to Organizations that will then be added as Product assignments when an Organization is set to a Product

  • There is a new tab on Organizations in the CRM for 'Assignments'


  • When an Organization is set on a product, the user will receive a prompt to 


  • Selecting the 'Add Assignments to Product' will add all assignments listed to the Product


Send Product SKU to Avalara

Configio will send the SKU set on a product to Avalara as the 'Item Code' field on each line item

Fulfillment Messaging Options

When completing Mass Fulfillment, if a cart users shipped items are not able to be shipped or are not received to the user directly, specific messaging can be displayed to the user instead of a tracking number. 

Allow Admin to create Packets for Mass Fulfillment - Client Specific

The following behaviors require that: The Superuser config 'Enable Packets and Batching' is enabled, and  the Product Group Packet Logic is set to 'Comic-Con'

  • When the above requirements are met:
    • On Product Group sub-groups, there will be an additional tab for 'Packet Setup'
    • In this tab there will be a dropdown for 
      • By Participant
      • By Organization
      • By Product & Organization (Panels)
    • There will be a UI to allow associating Registration Types to a Product Group Sub Group for use in packet creation
  • There is a new UI that any admin can use to create packets which has:
    • A Date/Time for packet cutoff
    • A single select for the Product Group Sub Group to include

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