Configio Release - May 15th, 2023

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Folders - Phase 1

This feature allows Admin users the ability to create Folders that grant Users and User Groups to be given Write, Read, or Deny permissions to assignments. This is Phase 1 of this update, this feature will be expanded upon in future releases.

The current phase introduces the structure of folders and makes folders permissions available on the following Assignment types:

    • Fees
    • Discounts
    • Disclaimers

Important! Currently, the Folders feature only restricts and grants access to Assignments within the Folders menu. In future releases, the restrictions will roll over to the Assignments menus. It is encouraged that if clients would like to utilize this feature in the future, they begin organizing existing Fees, Discounts, and Disclaimers and assigning permissions to Users and User Groups now to ensure an easy roll-out.

To create and manage Folders, admins should navigate to Settings, then click Folders under the Setup column.


When Folders are created, Admins can manage User Group and User level permissions to the folders:


Pro-Tip! If Admins would like everyone in a specific User Group to have Read access to a Folder but would like to prevent a specific User from that User Group from accessing the Assignments in the Folder, the User Group would be granted either Read or Write permissions, and the User(s) would be granted Deny permissions.

Example: If admins would like for only users in the Accounts Receivable User Group to be able to access a specific Fee, Discount, or Disclaimer Assignments, they could move the desired Assignments into the Accounts Receivable Folder. This would prevent Users and User Groups who do not have access to that Folder from either viewing or editing the Assignments. 

Add Assignments by Organization

Admins can make assignments to Organizations that will then be added as Product assignments when an Organization is set to a Product.

  • There is a new tab on Organizations in the CRM for Assignments. Here, users will be able to set Assignments for the entire Organization:


Under Product Advanced Options, a new field has been added to tie the Product to an Organization.

When an Organization is selected, a prompt will appear with all of the Assignments set at the Organization level. 


If "Add Assignments to Product" is selected, then the Organization Assignments will flow down to the Product. If Cancel is selected, the Organization Assignments will not flow down.


Send Product SKU to Avalara

Configio will now automatically send the SKU set on a product to Avalara as the 'Item Code' field on each line item.

Custom Features

The features in this section are not used by all Configio clients - the features may or may not apply to your organization.

Mange Intellitix RFID add-ons by Registration Type

For clients using the Intellitix RFID integration, admin users can now grant entitlement add-ons through Product Group Registration Types.

When adding or editing a registration type for a Product Group, there is an "Intellitix Addons" field,  this is a free-form field that allows for one or more comma-separated values (CSV) of entitlements.

Note: Intellitix add-ons fields will only show up if the config EnableIntellitixAddonFields is set to true.

When syncing to Intellitix, the distinct combination of Product, Registration Type, and Membership level add-ons should be used.

Allow Admin to create Packets for Mass Fulfillment

There is newly added functionality when editing Product Group sub-groups for creating Packets.

On Product Group sub-groups, there is an additional tab for Packet Setup:


On this tab, there is a dropdown for Packet Rules, which includes:

  • By Participant
  • By Organization
  • By Product & Organization (Panels)

Along with Packet Rules, users will have the ability to associate Registration Types to a Product Group's Sub Group in packet creation.

There is also a new user interface that any admin can use to create packets which have:

    • A Date/Time for packet cutoff
    • A single selection for the Product Group Sub Group to include

Note: The above behaviors must be enabled by a Superuser and the Product Group Packet Logic is set to 'Comic-Con.'

Fulfillment Messaging Options

When completing Mass Fulfillment, if a cart user's shipped items cannot be shipped or are not received by the user directly, specific messaging can be displayed to the user instead of a tracking number. 

To change the Fulfillment Messaging, please contact Configio Support.

To ensure continuity, with documentation and product functionality Configio reserves the right to amend or update these notes as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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