Configio Release - March 6th, 2023

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Upgrade the assign staff modal

Admin’s who assign staff can now use a well implemented interface so they can easily sort, page, and search for staff.

Old View:


New View:

  • Sortable column headers
  • Pagination


Fee Updates - Phase 1

Phase one includes the initial work to allow Fees to be treated as a transactional line item opposed to price modifier. This is necessary for future work to implement order level Fees, allow Fess to be taxed, and other future Fee improvements. Current updates do not affect the display of or function of fees.

  • Fees will be stored in a new payment detail structure
  • Cart logic for calculating fees will not change

Hide fees/discounts in cart line item summary
Admin’s now have the ability to mark a discount or fee as 'Hide in line item summary' so that end users don't see the fee/discount in the cart line items

  • New checkbox on the fee and discount admin screens 'Rollup fee into the price of the product when displayed to the customer'
  • When a fee/discount with this setting enabled is used in the shopping cart, the cart line item display should never show the discount/fee


Onsite pickup for Coordinators

Coordinators now have an interface to manage items picked up at their Organizations booth

  • When setting up a product for onsite pickup; the product must have the following
    • The Product set to a Product Group and the Product Group is the 'Default'
    • An Organization
    • On the Product Advanced tab, there is a new setting for 'Enable Onsite Pickup'


  • When onsite, Coordinators can use the onsite pickup page validate items and mark them as picked up by the participant
  • The onsite pickup page can be navigated to by:
    • The URL '/onsitepickup' where a badge can be scanned to load the participant
    • By scanning a QR code generated by the operator 'Onsite Pickup URL QR Code' in the Participant Lottery Results email type

Forced selection of lowest Category or Region Branch

Admin user’s can require that only the lowest level of a Category or Region can be selected when creating/editing products

  • There are two new Configurations:
    •  "Force category to only allow lowest branches when editing products"
    • "Force region to only allow lowest branches when editing products"
  • When either of these configs are turned on, an admin editing a category/region on a product  can only select the leaf categories or regions, or the lowest branches in the category or region tree
    • An alert displays if they try to select a parent category or region
  • In the example below user could not select “Basketball” but could select “Basketball Camp” because “Basketball” is not the lowest child of that branch



Commit all Tax qualified items to Avalara

When using a Custom Avalara Service Provider, the Admin can select to send all taxable line items

  • When enabled, Configio will send committals for all line items of products marked as taxable when no tax nexus is applied 



SCORM API update

Updates to use the V2 API endpoints for our SCORM content provider


Default uploaded file view to Print Preview

Reporting for the URL's will default to viewing the file in a browser preview instead of auto downloading.

  • When viewing reports results for  the form question types of 'Photo Upload' or 'File Upload' the URL now contains a parameter to show supported files types is preview
  • Files not supported by browsers previews will download as before
  • Files viewed in preview can be downloaded, this update updates only the default action

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