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Post Email Attachments are files you deliver to customers after purchase. These are very similar to Attachments, only different by method of delivery. For example, at time of registration you may deliver customers a 'What to bring to the event' document as a standard attachment. Then using Triggered Emails you might send the customer a thank you email after the event with a Post Email Attachment of 'How can we do better'.

Creating the Attachment
First, add the 'What to bring to the event' and 'How can we do better' Attachments for your event. UnderSettings > Assignments >Attachments, click Add New Attachment and follow the prompts to upload your file.

Note: File Limitations
Valid extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, html, htm, txt, docx, doc, zip, pdf
Maximum File Size: 100 MB

Adding the Attachment to the Message

Navigate to Settings > Assignments > Email Messages and locate the email message your triggered emails will use. SeeTriggered Emailsfor more information on Triggered Emails. Click the Edit button to the far right. Next, in the Email message, enter your cursor where you would like to insert the document, then select the Operator 'Post Email Attachments' to insert the operator.

Assigning the Attachment to the Product

Finally, assign the Post Email Attachment to any Product where the purchasers are the intended recipients of the message.
Under the Product, select the Assignments tab and drag the appropriate Post Email Attachment to the Assigned section.

Note: Assignments for Post Email Attachments may be made at the Category or Regional level.

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