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You can enable Coordinators to receive BCCs of Email Messages that sent by your database to domains that are associated with the Coordinator's Organization. You can define which type of Coordinator gets which type of Email Message. These settings are done for each Organization in your CRM via the Lead Settings page.

Getting Started

You must be using Organization mode. If you are not currently using Organization mode, or if you are unfamiliar with concepts like Coordinators, pleasecontact usso that we help get you started.

Enabling Coordinator BCC Settings

Login to the administrative side of your database and navigate to the CRM. Use the search controls to find the Organization. Click on the Lead Settings button. You will see an Email Settings section of the page. Choose your message type, and choose which type of Coordinator will receive the BCC, and click the "Save" button. In the example below, the Account Receivables Coordinator for the Configio Organization will receive a BCC of the Global Order Confirmation email the purchasing account is associated with the Configio organization.

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