Account Secondary Emails

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Accounts can setup secondary email addresses to include on most communications.

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Getting Started

Under Settings > Setup > Configuration search for the term "secondary".
Ensure the configuration "Enable Account To Have Secondary Emails"  is ON and Save. (This configuration is ON by default.)

Adding Secondary Emails as the Account Holder

When your customer logs into their account, they can navigate to their Email Settings page. This will show a field for Additional Emails.
Clicking the Add / Modify Emails button will prompt the customer to add addresses.
Clicking Add will add a row for the customer to complete. They can add as many rows as they choose, and can delete secondary emails after they have been added. After adding the email address(es) desired, click Save Emails.
The Additional Emails section will then reflect the email addresses added.

Adding Secondary Emails in the Admin Console

Navigate to the Admin Accounts page and locate the Account you would like to edit. Click the Secondary Emails button to manage this account's secondary email addresses.
Like the customer portal, you can then add or remove as many secondary emails as you choose. Click Save Emails to confirm the change.

Sending Emails to Secondary Addresses

When secondary emails are added to an account, these addresses are added to the CC line of the email message sent to the account.

Included Email Types:

Not all email messages CC the secondary email addresses. The included email message types are below.
  • Account Group Post Created Notification
  • Account Membership Level Notification
  • Account New Media Awarded
  • Account Post Promote Notification
  • Account Post Reply Marked Winner
  • Account Post Reply Received
  • Account Purchase Level Notification
  • Alternate Payment Redemption
  • Bill My Company Order Notification
  • Bill My Company Payment Confirmation
  • Coordinator Added to Org Fund
  • Dependent Product Reminder
  • Disclaimer Confirmation
  • Gift Card Activation
  • Gift Card Confirmation
  • Global Order Confirmation
  • Lottery Order Product Confirmation
  • Lottery Priority Changed Notification
  • Money Request - Donation
  • Money Request - Payment
  • Order Payment Confirmation
  • Order Product Confirmation
  • Org Invoice Notification
  • Participant Membership Level Notification
  • Participant Progress Report
  • Participant Purchase Level Notification
  • Product Account Assignment
  • Product Notification
  • Product Reminder 1
  • Product Reminder 2
  • Product Thank You
  • Product Waitlist
  • Recurring Billing - Charge Failure
  • Recurring Billing - Charge Success
  • Recurring Reminder - Pay To Balance Owed
  • Referral Awarded
  • Refund From Order
  • Refund From Unapplied Funds
  • Refund Request Denial
  • Refund Tax Receipt
  • Shipment Notification
  • Shipment Tracking Number
  • Subscription Expiration
  • Tax Receipt
  • Team Completion Notification
  • Team Member Request
  • Team Member Request for Approval
  • Triggered Account
  • Triggered Account Payer Balance Due
  • Triggered Account Post Digest
  • Triggered Cart
  • Triggered Course
  • Triggered Form Answer
  • Triggered Order
  • Triggered Org Fund Balance Warning
  • Triggered Org Fund Expiration Warning
  • Triggered Participant
  • Triggered Product Data
  • Triggered Product Participant Purchased
  • Triggered Product Purchased
  • Triggered Recurring Billing Credit Card Expiration
  • Voucher Activation
  • Voucher Confirmation
  • Product Message Send Feature

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