Configio Release - January 23rd, 2023

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Set Membership Level by Form answer

Users can now set their membership level based on what they select when creating or editing their account

  • When adding a question to an account form, there is a new Account question type of 'Account Membership Level'


  • When Editing the Question, there is a dropdown to select the Membership Level Group to use
  • Admins can allow only a single Membership Level or Multiple Membership Levels to be selected by the account


  • Multiple questions of this type are allowed on the same form but a Membership Level Group can only be used once.


Cart Behavior

  • When a user creates or edits their account, the Membership the question will be displayed based with all Membership Levels within the selected group except for
    • default levels
    • inactive levels
    • levels not marked "visible to customer"


  • Membership Levels will be granted to the Account and the Participant that is the Account holder
  • If the answer(s) are later changed, any Membership Levels not selected on edit will be removed


Limit the number of regions staff can select

Admins can now limit the number of regions their staff are allowed to choose when applying for a Staff position

  • There is a new Configuration for 'Maximum number of regions a staff can select during the application process'
  • Zero is unlimited and applies the prior behavior
  • If the value is >0, Staff applicants will be constrained to that limit and can only select from the lowest children of the Region tree

Button to generate course number on product

Admins can now easily assign the next sequential course number to a product and can include a specified prefix to each generated number

  • To use this feature please contact Configio Support to have it enabled
    • There are new Super Admin Configurations to enable the course number generation and to set the course number prefix 
  • When enabled, a button will be displayed next to the course number text box on the advanced tab of products that will auto insert the next course number increment.
  • User can still hand type in a course number which will be obeyed.

Stop Go Expo Registrations until approved

Configio Admins managing a Go Expo integration will now be able to stop exhibitors from registering until they are marked as approved in Go Expo

  • There will be a new field in Go Expo where show organizers can indicate if the exhibitor has completed required actions needed to be able to register booth staff using allotments
  • If this feature is enabled in Go Expo, Configio will not sync the Organization, Coordinators, and Allotments until the exhibitor is approved

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