Configio Release - January 9th, 2023

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Modernize the file upload web form question

  • The file upload webform questions were updated so they now use a modern file picker UI that doesn't require a post back resulting an a more modern function and smoother experience for the user

LMS course enrollment by staff checklist item

  • When creating checklist items for Staff positions, there is a new checklist item type for 'LMS Course'
    • When added to a staff checklist, the admin will be prompted to the select from a list of active LMS courses
    • LMS courses can contain auto graded or manually graded exams
  • Staff experience 
      • When the staff interacts with the LMS checklist the course is assigned to the account and can be launched from the checklist item
      • After the staff completes the course and once the course achieves a state of 'Graded', the staff checklist item is marked as completed
      • If the course is failed, the staff checklist item is not marked completed
  • If the applicant is set to a hiring status of 'Not Hired', 'Do Not Hire', or 'Former Employee', all courses enrolled due to the staff application is set to a removed status

Send Triggered emails at a specified date/time - Phase 1

  • Initial rollout includes only Product Purchased and Product Participant Purchased Trigger types; others will be added at a later time
  • When adding or editing a trigger of these types, a timepicker will be shown to select from
  • mceclip0.png
  • All existing triggers default 1am; the same time as they were previously processed
  • IMPORTANT: The processing of triggered emails that sets the scheduled send time still runs overnight; a trigger cannot be set up to run on the same day it's created

Staff Reminder trigger

  • There is a new Triggered message type of Triggered Staff Schedule. This feature allows Admins to set up one or many messages to assigned staff based on the assigned staff persons schedule
  • This trigger type adds a new feature that allows for email message content and/or SMS message content to be usedmceclip1.png
  • Fields for the Staff Account, Product, Organization, and Schedule can be dynamically inserted into both message types
  • When Setting up the trigger; there are options to send by:
    • Email - When selected; the message can be sent by SMTP or a verified Campaign identity
    • SMS - When selected; the message can be sent by any SMS service provider
      • If there is no SMS service provider set, a message will be displayed to the user with a link to the Service Provider page


  • This trigger is assigned to products
  •  The assigned staff recipients are determined at the time of sending so that only staff assigned at the time of the send are notified

Set/Share Bookmarks across users

  • When using Configio's Bookmarks, admin now have the ability to create bookmarks that can be shared to all admin users 


  • There is a User/User Group permission for shared bookmarks. Denying this permission will prevent users from creating or editing shared bookmarks, but still allow them to use shared bookmarks
  • Shared Bookmarks are sorted sorted by Title
  • Editing a shared bookmark will update it for all shared users
  • Deleting a shared bookmark will delete it from all shared users

Look at all products in cart to determine the fallback gateway to use

  • This ONLY pertains to products where the gateway is set to "Auto Select Gateway" (any product that has a gateway set will use that gateway when purchasing).
  • If all products in the cart are set to 'Auto Select Gateway'
    •  Look at the address tied to the credit card being used and determine the country and look to see if there are any Active Payment Gateways set to the same Country
      • If there is only one gateway with a matching Country, use the gateway for the Auto Select product
      • If there is more than one gateway with a matching Country, use the gateway set as 'Default'
      • If we don't know the credit card, the default gateway will be used (this comes into play when looking at payment fees that are tied to gateways)
  • If any products in the cart have a gateway set:
    • If there is only one common gateway identified, the Auto Select products will use that gateway
    • If there is more than one gateway identified, the Auto Select Products will use the Gateway set as 'Default'

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