Configio Release - December 5th, 2022

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Additional Gender options

This feature allows individual clients to offer gender selections beyond the system options of Male/Female. Additional options use a new list visibility that is only available to Superusers; and list items must be inserted and managed by a Configio Superuser.

On the Superuser page /status.aspx, use the Go to Site arrow


Under Settings > Assignments > Lists; search for 'Additional Gender Choices'

The designations for Value and Export Value can be only a single Alpha character, and cannot be the existing options of M/F. 


Where the system option for Gender is enabled on either the Account and Participant, any Additional Gender Choices added will be available for selection.


Prevent Duplicate RFID

Specific to Comic-Con and use of RFID, when an RFID is scanned, we will now look within the Product Group to see if that same RFID number has been assigned to a badge, and present an error to the Admin user if so. 

Send Nightly Job Emails be Service Queue

To better leverage newer processes and to provide better visibility into system load and ; we are moving the process of sending the email messages from the nightly job to send via the Service Queue. Clients will see no impact to the sending process or timing; we are just leveraging a smarted for flexible method for queuing and managing the process and allows for the addition of some better and more flexible options in the near future. 

There are a number of emails sent within the nightly processing job. The method used to send these emails is being updated to send via the Service Queue to increase message deliverability, visibility into system load and management, and lay the foundation for other feature improvements. Clients will not notice any difference or impact to timing. Message types this will change are:

      • Product Thank You
      • Product Reminder 1
      • Product Reminder 2
      • Dependent Product Reminder
      • Triggered emails
      • Product Notification
      • Post Product Purchase Video Assignment
      • Pay To Balance Owed Recurring Reminder
      • Sales Person Weekly Activity
      • Sales Person Daily Activity
      • Sales Person Task Follow Up
      • Sales person added to CRM Note on Account, check to notify Sales Person

API Updates

  • Updates to the /products endpoint to include Min/Max age constraints
  • A new endpoint of /products/{idProduct}/descriptions which will provide an array with the HTML of all long descriptions on the specified product
  • Updates to the endpoints /regions and /categories to include the ID of the parent Region/Category



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